Will the Turkish series “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man) have its final?

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The series “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man), starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu, began its second season a few weeks ago. However, it has been reported that due to lower ratings compared to the first season, a decision has been made to conclude the series in its second season.

When will Çöp Adam (Trash Man) have its final episode?

The Turkish series “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man), which airs on Star TV every Wednesday at 20:00, is planning to bid farewell to its viewers with its 30th episode.

According to journalist Birsen Altuntaş’s report, “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man) started its season with very low ratings the previous week, and this week, it achieved viewership numbers well below expectations.

Is the decision to end Çöp Adam (Trash Man) final?

While there is no official confirmation regarding this matter, there is a slight possibility of continuing for one more season if the ratings improve in the upcoming episodes. However, both episodes of the second season of the series also faced lower ratings.

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“Çöp Adam” (Trash Man) will be back on the screens with its new and 29th episode on Wednesday, October 4th.

Çöp Adam 29th episode trailer

6 actors left the series in the second season

In the second season of “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man), six actors, including Sedef Avcı, who portrayed the character Berrin, had left the series. With the departure of these actors, the storyline of the series took an unconventional turn and introduced new characters, leading to changes in the plot.

In fact, the script and storyline of “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man) were distinct from other series and had received high praise from its audience. However, towards the end of the first season, as the storyline struggled to maintain its momentum and the energy dwindled, the second season had a lackluster start.

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Now it’s your turn: What are your thoughts on the decision to conclude “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man)?

Please share your opinions about the final decision of the “Çöp Adam” (Trash Man) series in the comments.

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