Will the series “Sakla Beni” be taken off the air?

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The eagerly anticipated new Turkish series Sakla Beni (Hide Me) premiered with its first episode on Star TV yesterday. The series got off to a tumultuous start and became the target of negative criticism. These negative reviews were taken a step further as a significant portion of the viewers expressed their disapproval on social media, calling for the show to be taken off the air by RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council).

Why was Sakla Beni (Hide Me) series criticized?

The series introduced a storyline in its very first episode that featured heavy violence, the concept of servitude, and disturbing elements that were not well-received. The leading actress of the series, Cemre Baysel (İncila), portrayed a maid who both lived and worked in the house where she constantly suffered humiliation and physical abuse at the hands of Naz, the daughter of the household with psychological issues.

Will the series Sakla Beni be taken off the air

On the evening of the first episode, Mete and his family were supposed to come to ask for Naz’s hand in marriage. Mete also happened to be İncila’s childhood friend, but he did not recognize her. On the night of the proposal, Mete sent his family to Naz’s house while he didn’t go himself because he had invited a woman he met at the store to dinner and was waiting for her. Unbeknownst to him, this woman was İncila. However, at the store, İncila introduced herself to Mete as “Mercan,” concealing her true identity. İncila accepted Mete’s invitation, and after dinner, they were intimate. Learning that İncila was going to be with a man for the first time, Mete was initially hesitant but İncila insisted, saying, “This is my responsibility.” Meanwhile, both families were waiting for Mete at the house where the marriage proposal was taking place, Naz’s house.

Up to this point, these events might be somewhat familiar from many TV series, but what really provoked the viewers and led to a public outcry was something entirely different.

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What did viewers actually get upset about?

While viewers did not approve of the aforementioned elements, the scene that caused the uproar was when İncila remembered her childhood memories, and Naz and Mete were left alone in a room, followed by suggestive scenes behind closed curtains. In this scene, the child Naz’s screaming and fainting also indicate the cause of her trauma in modern times.

This scene led many viewers to accuse the show of being “disgusting,” “perverted,” and of “leading children towards pornography,” among many similar accusations. The viewers reported this particular scene to RTÜK. Many users also expressed their protest by tagging relevant ministries and ministers, stating that the show was not suitable for Turkish society, children, and young people.

Will “Sakla Beni” be taken off the air?

There has been no official statement regarding the removal of the series from the air. Although it is not currently on the agenda, it is highly likely that the show may face penalties. We will all see the developments in the coming days together.

“Sakla Beni” series lost in the ratings

The series was expected to perform well with its first episode, but it actually had an unsuccessful ranking in the ratings. This level of ratings may lead to the show ending on its own in the following episodes.

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Will “Sakla Beni” have a finale?

What will happen in the second episode of “Sakla Beni” after the negative reviews and criticisms of the first episode?

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“Minister of Family and Social Services, Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, regarding the #SaklaBeni complaint:

“Our request for the evaluation of the scenes in question by RTÜK experts, which could raise concerns of neglect and abuse towards children, was submitted to RTÜK on 23/10/2023, even before the series aired.”

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