Where to Visit in Turkey in September?

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September is a perfect time to visit many tourist regions in Turkey. The weather is still warm and sunny, but the crowds and heat of summer have started to subside. Here are some great places to visit in Turkey in September:


Istanbul is one of Turkey’s largest and most impressive cities. With its unique history and culture, this city attracts millions of tourists every year. Traveling to Istanbul in September coincides with a time when the summer tourism season starts winding down. As a result, the crowds have thinned out, but the weather remains sunny and warm.

September is an ideal time to explore Istanbul. You can visit iconic tourist sites such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar located in the historic peninsula. The magnificent mosaics of Hagia Sophia, the splendid gardens of Topkapi Palace, and the vibrant markets of the Grand Bazaar will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Undoubtedly, taking a boat tour along the Bosphorus is a must-do experience in Istanbul. You can admire the breathtaking views of the strait and pass under the historic bridges. Additionally, you can explore Beyoglu, one of Istanbul’s most famous neighborhoods, and enjoy the shops, restaurants, and cafes along Istiklal Avenue.

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September also marks a period of festivals in Istanbul. Events such as the International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul Jazz Festival, and International Film Festival offer attractive options for art enthusiasts.

In conclusion, visiting Istanbul in September can be an unforgettable experience. While exploring the city’s history, culture, and beauty, you can have a delightful journey.


September is the perfect time for hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia, one of the most enchanting regions in Turkey that is yet to be discovered. The unique geographical structure of Cappadocia turns these tours into a truly magical experience.

As you ascend to the sky in the early hours of the morning, the breathtaking view of fairy chimneys will offer you a memory like no other. Floating gently in the illuminated path of the balloon, it will feel as if you are wandering in a dream, gliding through the stunning natural formations. Alongside its historical and cultural richness, Cappadocia is famous for its distinctive natural formations.

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The fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are fascinating and impressive formations shaped through thousands of years of erosion of volcanic rocks such as basalt and tuff. These fairy chimneys are a rare natural wonder found in only a few places around the world. Experiencing a balloon tour while witnessing the history and cultural heritage of the region in the surreal scenery of Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys is simultaneously exhilarating and tranquil.

The characteristics of September offer ideal conditions for hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia. During this time, the weather is generally mild and calm in the mornings, creating a suitable atmosphere for balloons to ascend and glide smoothly. Strong winds and intense heat are also less common, providing a more enjoyable experience.

If you are traveling to Cappadocia, be sure to add a hot air balloon tour to your list. By taking a hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia in September, you can cherish magnificent views and create unforgettable memories.


Bodrum is a magnificent holiday paradise located in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Its crystal clear waters embraced by the Aegean Sea attract tourists, both domestic and international, throughout the year. Bodrum’s beaches, with their sandy shores and sunbathing areas, offer an excellent holiday experience.

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However, Bodrum is famous not only for its beauty but also for its historical and cultural richness. Particularly, Bodrum Castle serves as a museum where many ancient artifacts are exhibited, dating back to ancient times. The Underwater Archaeology Museum within the historic castle provides visitors with the opportunity to explore ancient remains underwater.

Bodrum also stands out with its vibrant nightlife. The city is home to colorful and entertaining nightclubs. You can dance and have a fun-filled night with the performances of Turkey’s most popular DJs. Moreover, the luxury restaurants and bars located in Bodrum Marina are indispensable venues for nightlife.

September is still a pleasant period for Bodrum. The temperatures are still high, and the sea has not yet cooled down. You can sunbathe, swim, and engage in water sports on the beaches. Additionally, in September, the streets of Bodrum are quieter, indicating that it is an ideal time to relax and have a enjoyable vacation.

Bodrum offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its natural beauty, historical and cultural wealth, entertainment, and holiday opportunities. If you are looking for a wonderful holiday in the Aegean Sea, Bodrum is definitely a destination to consider.


Antalya is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. This city, stretching along the impressive coastline of the Mediterranean, has a mesmerizing atmosphere with its natural beauty and rich history.

One of Antalya’s biggest attractions is undoubtedly its beautiful beaches. Known for its white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, Antalya is a true paradise for sea and sun lovers. September, in particular, is a perfect time for enjoying the sea as the weather remains warm.

However, Antalya captivates not only with its beaches but also with its rich historical and cultural heritage. Located in the city center, Kaleiçi is an ancient harbor town surrounded by walls and offers a historic atmosphere with its narrow streets. Here, you can explore the structures dating back to the Ottoman and Seljuk periods.

There are many ancient cities near Antalya that you can visit. One of them is the ancient city of Perge. Perge is famous for its Roman-era ruins, and its ancient theater is especially worth seeing. Another important ancient city is Aspendos. The Aspendos Theater is known as one of the best-preserved ancient theaters and is a renowned performance venue worldwide. Exploring these ancient ruins will satisfy your interest in history.

When you travel to Antalya, you will also have the opportunity to try dishes from Turkish cuisine. Among the local specialties are döner, kebab, baklava, and Turkish coffee. Additionally, taking a trip to the cool mountains of Antalya will provide you with unforgettable experiences with its breathtaking natural scenery and hiking trails.

In conclusion, Antalya is a holiday destination filled with beauty and a variety of activities. Whether you enjoy the beach, explore historical sites or indulge in the rich cultural heritage, visiting Antalya will offer you an unforgettable travel experience. September is an ideal time to visit this beautiful city.


Datça is a coastal town located in the province of Muğla, Turkey. Renowned for its unique natural beauty and calm beaches, Datça welcomes holidaymakers with the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. The beaches here, with their crystal-clear and turquoise waters, are like pieces of paradise.

September is an ideal time to explore and relax in Datça. During this period, the crowds of the summer season have diminished, and you can enjoy the sea in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. In this coastal town famous for its tranquil atmosphere, you can indulge in relaxation and serenity.

Datça also stands out with its natural beauty. Especially the Datça Peninsula is covered with pine forests and olive trees. There are ideal trails for hiking or cycling. Datça’s olive groves are home to unique olive trees and have high-quality olives used in the production of famous Datça olive oil.

Datça is also rich in history and culture, having hosted many civilizations since ancient times. The ancient city of Knidos, with its historical ruins and breathtaking views, is an important tourist attraction that captivates visitors.

Datça’s delicious cuisine is another attraction for holidaymakers. Seafood, local herbs, and fresh vegetables are essential ingredients in Datça cuisine. You can taste the local delicacies by trying the products in restaurants or at local markets.

A trip to Datça in September offers a peaceful and unforgettable holiday experience filled with cherished memories. You can choose this unique coastal town to explore Datça’s natural beauty and immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere.


Göcek is a holiday destination located in the Aegean Sea in Turkey. It is famous for its natural beauty, crystal clear waters, and luxurious marinas. Visiting Göcek in September is one of the best times to experience a peaceful and serene holiday.

Göcek is also a popular destination for its surrounding bays and islands. It is highly preferred for yacht tourism as well. By renting a yacht in Göcek, you can relax in the cool waters of the Aegean Sea and enjoy a tranquil journey.

In addition, Göcek’s natural beauty is truly impressive. The hills covered in pine trees meet the turquoise sea, creating a natural wonder. You can go for walks, bike rides, or join a boat tour to explore the beauty of Göcek and its surroundings. There are plenty of activity options to discover the beauty of Göcek and its surroundings.

Göcek is also famous for its delicious seafood and local cuisine. Fish restaurants and cafes offer great choices for those who want to experience local flavors.

Visiting Göcek in September offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the blue and green colors of nature. Choose Göcek for a peaceful holiday experience. Add Göcek to your list to create unforgettable memories and immerse yourself in the arms of nature.


Kaş is a coastal town in southwestern Turkey, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. It is famous for its stunning natural beauty and rich history. With its unique beaches, tranquil bays, and impressive caves, it attracts holidaymakers seeking an idyllic destination.

In this region, there are several diving spots that offer exceptional experiences for diving enthusiasts. September is still a warm month, making it an excellent time for diving. The clarity of the water and high visibility provide an ideal environment to explore colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine life. Diving tours cater to divers of all levels, offering options such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Kaş is not only limited to diving; it also boasts many historical and cultural sites. Visitors are enchanted by the remains from the ancient Lycian period, including sunken cities and an ancient theater. Exploring the streets of the city center allows you to feel the traditional Turkish vibes, shop at local markets, and indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine.

Kaş is also an appealing destination for nature lovers. Hiking trails and walking routes allow you to spend quality time in nature, enjoying breathtaking views. You can also visit natural wonders such as Saklıkent Gorge. For those seeking adventure, activities like canoeing and rock climbing are available.

With its expansive beaches and comfortable hotels, Kaş provides a relaxing place for holidaymakers. For those who want to experience a holiday immersed in sea, sun, and nature, Kaş is a paradise where unforgettable memories can be made.


Trabzon, located in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, captivates visitors with its mesmerizing nature and rich historical texture. This beautiful city is waiting to be explored in September, offering an unforgettable experience to all.

One of Trabzon’s most impressive and famous tourist attractions is the Sumela Monastery, perched on steep cliffs. This ancient monastery is a remarkable example of medieval architecture and its interior frescoes captivate history and art enthusiasts. When you make your way there, take some time to admire the breathtaking views of the city and immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the monastery.

Another natural wonder of Trabzon is Uzungol, a fairy-tale-like lake nestled amidst green mountains and lush forests. With its serene and tranquil ambiance, Uzungol is a perfect place for picnicking, hiking, or simply relishing the scenery. As you stroll around the lake, you can unwind to the sound of birds singing and capture unique photos.

Trabzon also boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is home to significant structures such as Trabzon Castle, Ayasofya Museum, and Ataturk Mansion. These buildings bear the traces of the past and offer visitors a chance to journey through the city’s history.

September is considered an ideal time to explore Trabzon. The weather is warm and sunny, yet the tourist crowds are relatively smaller, providing a more enjoyable travel experience. You can immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Trabzon, savor the flavors of its local cuisine, and find yourself in a marvelous city surrounded by historical and natural beauty.


September is a period in Mardin when the scorching summer temperatures gradually start to ease, offering a beautiful outlook. During this month, there are many things to discover in Mardin, from its stone houses to its historic mosques and impressive vistas. This city, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, presents a captivating destination for history and architecture enthusiasts.

September is an ideal time to visit Mardin as the weather remains warm, yet the extreme heat subsides. While strolling through the old stone streets, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the city’s historical texture. By visiting significant historical structures like the Grand Mosque of Mardin, Kasımiye Medrese, and Deyrulzafaran Monastery, you can embark on a journey into the past.

The landscapes of Mardin are also worth witnessing in September. The unique panoramic views from the city’s hills, the beauty of the mountains, and the charm of the villages in the valley will mesmerize you. You can climb to the top of Mardin Castle to watch the sunset or opt for a quieter experience by journeying to the ancient city of Dara.

September is also an excellent time to explore Mardin’s rich gastronomic culture. You can sample traditional flavors at restaurants in the city and taste one of Mardin’s famous regional dishes, the liver kebab. Additionally, you can find fresh spices and local products at the street markets.


Bozcaada, a unique island renowned for its natural beauty, located in the Aegean Sea in Turkey. During the autumn months, this exceptional island offers visitors a distinctive atmosphere. It is famous for its beaches where you can experience the soothing blue of the sea and feel the energy of the sun beneath the warm sands.

If you have a fondness for nature, Bozcaada’s vineyards will captivate you. The grape harvesting season, which begins with the arrival of September, is one of the island’s most significant events. You can witness the labor of those working in the vineyards and share in the grape-picking experience. While savoring fresh and delicious grapes, you can explore the beauty of the vineyards nurtured by the island’s fertile soil.

Bozcaada also stands out as an island rich in history and culture. The Bozcaada Castle located in the center of the island offers visitors a historical journey. While touring the castle, you can observe remnants from ancient times and the defensive walls constructed for protection. Additionally, strolling through the charming and elegant streets on the island allows you to discover the unique architecture of Bozcaada.

Furthermore, Bozcaada is famous for its delectable seafood. You have the opportunity to taste special dishes made from fresh fish and seafood at the island’s restaurants. You can sit at seaside restaurants and savor the exquisite flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. Additionally, Bozcaada’s wines are another prominent feature of the island. The island is home to renowned winemakers and hosts wine-tasting events.

In summary, Bozcaada offers an unforgettable experience with its richness in nature, history, culture, and culinary delights. If you are seeking a different holiday experience, consider adding Bozcaada to your list.

Turkey offers many fantastic places to visit in September. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites, enjoying the beach, or immersing yourself in the country’s natural beauty, you can find a destination that suits all types of travelers. September is the perfect time to discover the diversity and beauty of Turkey.

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