What happened in the final episode of the “Çöp Adam” series?

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The Turkish series “Çöp Adam,” which aired on Star TV, concluded today with its 30th episode.

Starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu, the series went through significant changes in its second season, particularly with the introduction of a new storyline and a decline in ratings, primarily due to Sedef Avcı’s character, Berrin.

During the final episode, Peri, who was influenced by Sarp, conducted a search inside the house and discovered a bag full of money hidden by Yavuz. Peri poured the money in the middle of the house and accused Yavuz of being responsible for the kidnapping of the baby, working as a spy, and receiving money in return. Yavuz, in response, became angry and claimed that he had borrowed the money from someone else to prevent the restaurant from going bankrupt. However, he couldn’t convince Peri of this.

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In response to this, Tamer takes Meryem and Peri to check the restaurant’s accounts. When they reviewed the accounts, it became clear that Yavuz was telling the truth, and the restaurant was indeed on the verge of bankruptcy.

However, Elit, trying to stir up trouble, suggested that they might still have reason to suspect Yavuz, saying he could be managing both sides. Later, thanks to Seko’s investigation, it was revealed that Yavuz had borrowed money from a loan shark for the restaurant. Upon hearing this, Peri felt sorry and prepared herself to apologize to everyone.

Tamer asked Peri about Sarp, saying, “Do you have something you want to tell me?” In response, Peri explained the situation. Tamer then called Sarp to invite him to dinner that evening.

Meanwhile, Sarp gets ready for the dinner invitation…

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Bülent, on the other hand, goes out to find Yavuz.

Bülent eventually finds Yavuz in his old neighborhood. Yavuz, who is quite intoxicated, confides in Bülent and says, “You never truly accepted me all this time, I felt like an outsider among you, I’ve always been alone.”

Meryem also arrives where Yavuz is and they take a step towards reconciliation through conversation. Yavuz suggests leaving the house and living on their own, and Meryem agrees, expressing her desire to move to a separate home.

On the other hand, Elit, Sarp, and his siblings begin transferring all the funds from Tamer’s company into their own accounts.

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Sarp goes even further and wants to take revenge on his brother Burak. To achieve this, he plans to kidnap Peri and lock her in a windowless room.

With her escape plans in place, Elit meets up with Tamer at a café to chat. Elit, who has been in love with Tamer from the beginning, finally says to Tamer, “Starting tomorrow, we can begin a new chapter somewhere else, just the two of us.”

Tamer, surprised to hear this, firmly rejects Elit, saying, “My place is with Peri and my baby.”

Sarp puts his plan into action and calls Peri, inviting her home for the evening. He tells her that he has something important to say. Despite her pessimism, Peri reluctantly accepts Sarp’s invitation.

Tamer and Seko learn that the company is bankrupt and, suspecting Elit, Tamer goes to her room to confront her. There, they discover the bitter truth that Elit’s plan from the beginning was to ruin the company.

Another shocking revelation comes when Sarp, Burak, and Elit are seen in the same photograph. Tamer realizes that he has fallen into a big trap.

On the other hand, Peri goes to Sarp’s house. After seeing the situation, she becomes filled with fear and ends up alone with Sarp’s stories.

Sarp finally reveals his true self and explains everything. Among the things he reveals is that he kidnapped Peri’s child.

Sarp then introduces Peri to his siblings, giving her a second shock. Peri is taken aback when she sees Çağla, the maid, and Elit, who works with Tamer, in front of her.

During this time, Tamer locates Peri and enters the room just as Sarp is pointing a gun at her.

Tamer tells Sarp that he made a mistake and that his brother Burak had deceived him. Sarp asks Burak if what Tamer is saying is true. Although Burak admits some of it is true, he still denies it.

Taking advantage of Sarp’s vulnerability, Tamer manages to disarm Sarp and hands over Sarp and his brother to the police.

Meanwhile, Elit and her brother Çağla are also captured by the police.

And as we approach the final scenes, Tamer is left as a man who has lost his workplace and his money. He moves to a smaller house with his family, selling his mansion to try to pay off his debts.

Seko is very happy upon learning that Berrin is returning from America.

Meryem and Yavuz move to a place near Tamer’s new home and become neighbors. In the meantime, Meryem is pregnant and expecting a baby. 🙂

And that’s the end!

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