Turkish series ‘Şahane Hayatım’ second trailer divides viewers

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Second Trailer of “My Wonderful Life” (Şahane Hayatım) Series Faces Criticism

The second promotional video for the Turkish TV series “My Wonderful Life,” (Şahane Hayatım) which is set to air on FOX TV soon, has been released. In this 1-minute video, the focus of the promotion was on “a girl working in an auto repair shop trying to enhance her beauty through aesthetic procedures.”

The “My Wonderful Life” Series and Society’s Negative Critiques

The second trailer of “My Wonderful Life,” which will soon premiere on FOX TV, has sparked different reactions among viewers. Especially, the physical appearance of the main character and the handling of the storyline have led to discussions among the audience.

Turkish viewers have commented on the “My Wonderful Life” series as follows:

Beauty-Centric Narrative:

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Many viewers believe that the “My Wonderful Life” series overly focuses on beauty standards. Stories where the main character is initially portrayed as unattractive and then undergoes a transformation raise criticism for perpetuating damaging beauty standards.

One-Sided Influence:

The impact of TV series on society is criticized as a significant concern. Some viewers think that the series sends the wrong message to young viewers, creating a perception that places beauty and aesthetics above everything else. The series may have negative effects on the lifestyles and expectations of young people.

Aesthetic Procedures and Success:

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The “My Wonderful Life” series appears to suggest to some viewers that characters can achieve whatever they desire through aesthetic surgeries. This has led to criticism that the series encourages viewers to solely associate success with their physical appearance.

Youth and Imitation:

Concerns about the negative influence of such series on young viewers are a central point of criticism. The series may cause young girls to focus more on their perception of beauty, which could affect their self-confidence.

However, aside from the criticisms, it is important to remember that “My Wonderful Life” is a production that is loved and supported by some viewers. The series may be addressing societal pressures related to beauty and the self-esteem issues they cause. Furthermore, at a time when aesthetic surgeries are widely discussed, openly addressing this topic can be seen as a positive step by many viewers.

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The “My Wonderful Life” series stands out among viewers as a controversial production due to its exploration of topics such as beauty standards, societal influences, success, and self-confidence. However, viewers’ critical approach to such series offers an opportunity to better understand and discuss the societal impacts and responsibilities of television dramas.

My Wonderful Life (Şahane Hayatım) trailer
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