The Mysterious Duo of “Altın Kafes” (Golden Cage): Ahu and Serhat

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Today, the new Turkish seriesAltın Kafes(Golden Cage) will be airing its 4th episode on ATV, captivating audiences with its story filled with love and intrigue.

In the series, Hayal Köseoğlu portrays Ahu, the personal assistant of Onur Beyoğlu, who appears as an ambitious woman deeply in love with her boss.

Altin Kafes Ahu - Halay Koseoglu
Altin Kafes Ahu – Halay Koseoglu

Ahu’s character is portrayed as someone who will take any risk to impress Onur and be close to him. In the previous episode, she locked herself in her car and set it on fire in an attempt to impress Onur, who managed to save her in the nick of time.

Hilmicem İntepe embodies Serhat, a character with a mysterious and dark past, transformed into someone entirely different due to a series of cosmetic surgeries after an explosion during his military service.

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Altin Kafes - Serhat - Hilmi Cem İntepe
Altin Kafes – Serhat – Hilmi Cem İntepe

Serhat finds himself deeply immersed in the dark world while on a mission to eradicate evil.

As the shared past of Ahu and Serhat resurfaces in unexpected ways, the paths they tread will further unveil the hidden secrets.

Cast of (Golden Cage) Altin Kafes:

Starring Aytaç Şaşmaz and Şifanur Gül, ‘Altın Kafes’ also features a talented ensemble cast including Ebru Cündübeyoğlu, Hayal Köseoğlu, Hilmi Cem İntepe, Murat Kılıç, Kaan Turgut, Sümeyra Koç, Eda Nur Gülbudak, Tarık Uğur Özenbaş, Buse Orcan, Gurur Çiçekoğlu, Cansu Mumcu, Ali Kayra Kul, Aksel Yılmaz, and Sacide Taşaner.

Here is the detailed cast of the ‘Altın Kafes’ (Golden Cage) series:

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