Summary of Episode 3 of ‘Sakla Beni’ – What happened in the last episode?

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In the final scene of Episode 2, Naz insisted on entering the locked room, and Mete eventually agreed to open the door. The second episode concluded with the opening of the room containing İncila.

Episode 3 of “Sakla Beni” was released today;

When the door to the room where İncila was hidden in Mete’s house opened, Naz found no one inside. Mete, surprised by not finding İncila in the room, relocked the door and went to talk to his family. Meanwhile, İncila had hidden in the room and, upon emerging, realized that the door was locked. İncila’s confinement in the closed space caused her considerable stress.

Summary of Episode 3 of Sakla Beni
Summary of Episode 3 of Sakla Beni

“Naz embracing İncila’s throat in the room turned out to be İncila’s imagination…”

Mete comes to his family

Mete comes to his family to inquire about the marriage contract. Despite being angry with his grandfather, Mete couldn’t sway his decision and insisted on signing the marriage contract.

Mete’s mother asked him, “Do you really love Naz? Tell us.” Upon this question, Mete couldn’t answer his mother, and a silence occurred. Consequently, Naz left the house by throwing away the ring.

Naz receives another blow from her mother

Upon returning home, Naz argued with her mother. Naz’s mother, after learning that Naz had thrown her engagement ring, got angry and slapped Naz at the end of a continuing argument, saying, “You didn’t even have a friend; we hired a friend (İncila) for you with money. You are so spoiled…”

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Mete returns to the house where İncila is

Mete returns to the house where he left İncila and realizes that İncila is still locked in the room. Of course, İncila reacts to this situation.

Naz’s family plans to meet with Mete’s family

While arguing with Naz, the patriarch of the house learns that the company has gone bankrupt. Actually, Naz’s mother wants Naz to marry Mete to save the bankrupt companies. Naz’s mother tries to bring both families together at a common point. As both families’ elders were open to meeting, they agreed to meet at a restaurant.

However, both Mete and İncila arrive at the restaurant before either family. Of course, the families, unaware of this situation, arrive at the restaurant after a while.

Luckily, they manage to avoid being caught thanks to İncila noticing the situation at the restaurant. During her hiding, İncila also learns about Naz’s father’s forbidden love in the restaurant’s restroom.

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To avoid being caught by their families, Mete and İncila escape on a boat from behind the restaurant, sharing romantic moments. However, İncila still insists that this would be their final meeting.

Threat from Naz’s mother

While the families were having dinner, Naz angered her mother by going to a nightclub.
Upon returning home, Naz’s mother entered Naz’s room, pulled her hair, and said, “If you don’t do as I say, if you don’t straighten up, I’ll kill both you and myself without hesitation.”
Of course, meanwhile, Mete and İncila continued dancing on the boat…

Towards the end

Mete tells his aunt that he is “in love with someone else.”

His aunt insists that this is impossible and that he must marry Naz.

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Mete goes to Naz’s house to tell her that he is in love with someone else and will leave Naz. However, İncila, who overhears these conversations, suddenly enters the room and asks, “Would you like something to drink?” Mete, greatly shocked, leaves uncertainty about what he will do next in the next episode…

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