“Senden Önce” Series Only Lasted for 3 Episodes: Finale!

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“Senden Önce” (Before You) Series Only Lasted for 3 Episodes: Finale!

The Turkish drama series “Senden Önce,” which started a few weeks ago on Kanal D, bid farewell to the screens today with its 3rd episode, ending its run!

In recent times, it has become a common occurrence for many newly started series to quickly come to an end. The “Senden Önce” series, like others, decided to end its run early, not even lasting for 5 episodes.

The reason for the finale of the “Senden Önce” series;

The reason for the cancellation of the “Senden Önce” series was, of course, its inability to attract viewers. It was already among the series that would end early, not being valued or considered worth watching by Turkish viewers, as it entered the list of series that would end early with its first episode trailer. In short, what was expected happened, but comments were generally like “it will end in the 5th episode.” However, it ended with the 3rd episode.

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The cast of “Senden Önce”;

In the cast of the “Senden Önce” series, Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal, and Nilperi Şahinkaya took on the leading roles. You can see the full cast list with photos below.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on the decision to end the “Senden Önce” series? Do you think the series deserved to be canceled? What are your opinions? You can express them by adding comments.

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