Sandık Kokusu: Meet the Cast of the New Turkish Series

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The Cast of the New Turkish Series “Sandık Kokusu”

Show TV’s new series “Sandık Kokusu” has announced its cast. The series stars well-known actors such as Özge Özpirinçci, Demet Akbağ, Metin Akdülger, and Necip Memili.

The plot of the series Sandık Kokusu

Filmed initially in Adana and continuing in Istanbul, “Sandık Kokusu” depicts the story of Karsu, a mother of three, who moves from Adana to Istanbul after a significant trauma and her journey to rebuild her life.

Sandik Kokusu - Karsu - Atilla
Sandik Kokusu – Karsu – Atilla

‘Sandık Kokusu’ will bring the audience face-to-face with the struggles of a resilient woman, the essence of forming a family, and the challenging journey toward liberation despite the burdens of the past.

In this new Turkish series, “Sandık Kokusu,” viewers will experience both moments of joy and sorrow but will surely find something relatable within themselves.

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Cast of Sandık Kokusu

The series narrates the story of Karsu, a mother of three, and her journey from Adana to Istanbul following a significant trauma. Özge Özpirinçci portrays Karsu, Demet Akbağ plays her mother Gülsüm, Metin Akdülger embodies her husband Emre, and Necip Memili brings life to her father İskender.

Sandık Kokusu Cast

Ozge Ozpirincci (Karsu Celik) Sandik Kokusu

Karsu (Özge Özpirinçci)

Turkish actress Özge Özpirinçci, aged 37, was born on April 1, 1986, in Istanbul. She plays the character Karsu in the series “Sandık Kokusu.”

Life starts wearing Karsu down since her teenage years. However, despite everything that happens to her, she never gives up on her upright stance and finding her own solutions to hold onto life. Above all, she loves being a mother. Her complicated relationship with her mother, her life with her husband and children, and the obligations of being a mother sometimes push her to the point of rebellion, but she never gives up; Karsu is the hero of her own story.

Filiz (Demet Akbağ) Sandik Kokusu

Filiz (Demet Akbağ)

Turkish actress Demet Akbağ, aged 63, was born on December 23, 1959, in Düzce. She portrays Karsu’s mother Gülsüm in the series “Sandık Kokusu.”

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Filiz is always a strong and dominant character. Her beauty has been legendary since her youth; aging is nothing short of a nightmare for her. She dresses young for her age, feeds on compliments. She is hasty, believes she knows best. Carefree, lively, and mocking demeanor is to camouflage the fragile woman inside her. Besides all this, she is not a bad mother, but she is difficult.

Atilla (Metin Akdülger) Sandik Kokusu

Atilla (Metin Akdülger)

Turkish actor Metin Akdülger, aged 35, was born on April 10, 1988, in Bursa. He plays the character Emre, Karsu’s husband, in the series “Sandık Kokusu.”

He is a writer who withdrew from people as much as possible into seclusion for his new book. He moves to Cennet Sitesi (Heaven’s Site) as a tenant to Filiz. He is determined and stern. Despite appearing calm and reserved, he has a secret he keeps from everyone. Various coincidences drag Atilla into friendship with Karsu. Atilla, who has not been able to live his youth, is amazed by Karsu’s naturalness.

Reha (Necip Memili) Sandik Kokusu

Reha (Necip Memili)

Turkish actor Necip Memili, aged 43, was born on May 27, 1980, in Adana. He portrays İskender, Karsu’s father, in the series “Sandık Kokusu.”

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He is the son of a wealthy family from Adana. He married Karsu after a short flirtation and became the father of three children. He both loves Karsu very much and hates her at the same time. He is a complex man. He envies Karsu’s skills inwardly, does not want her to be better than himself, and creates tension out of nowhere by making groundless jealousies. It is impossible to spend a day happily with him.

Who is Meriç Aral?

Irmak (Meriç Aral)

Meriç Aral, 35 years old, was born on November 17, 1988, in Istanbul. She is known for her role as “Hale” in the series “Medcezir” between 2013-2015. She has also appeared in series such as “Kırmızı Oda” and “Söz”.

In the series Sandık Kokusu, she plays the role of Filiz’s eldest daughter and Karsu’s older sister. Years ago, she left home by marrying Filiz’s husband Adnan Bey and came back years later to apologize to her mother Filiz.

Seda Türkmen Lale Sandik Kokusu

Lale (Seda Türkmen)

Seda Türkmen, 37 years old, was born on January 9, 1987, in Izmir. She is a Turkish actress in TV series, cinema, and theater. She has appeared in many plays and productions since 2009.

She is Reha’s sister. Born and raised in Adana, she graduated from the best school in the area, the American college, and studied at the university in Istanbul. Her fondness for her brother increased after her father’s death. She is attached to her family because she comes from an Anatolian family. She values money, wealth, and appearance. She is a well-groomed and pleasant woman. She is ambitious, wants to advance in her career, and is hardworking.

Türkan (Nalan Okçuoğlu) Sandik Kokusu

Türkan (Nalan Okçuoğlu)

Nalan Okçuoğlu was born on January 1, 1963, in Izmir. She first appeared on camera in 1989 in the movie “Karılar Koğuşu” (Women’s Ward) and later appeared in productions such as “Gönül Salıncağı” (Gönül’s Swing), “Yeşil Deniz” (Green Sea), “Seni Kimler Aldı” (Who Took You), “Kara İnci” (Black Pearl), “Doktorlar” (Doctors), “Yeşil Deniz Milenyum” (Green Sea Millennium).

She currently portrays Filiz’s sister and Karsu’s aunt in the series “Sandık Kokusu”.

Tılsım (Mina Akdin) Sandik Kokusu

Tılsım (Mina Akdin)

Mina Akdin was born on October 4, 2012, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She portrayed the character Nehir in the series “İyilik” in 2022. In 2023, she also appeared in the film “Aile Çıkmazı” (Family Deadlock).

In the series Sandık Kokusu, she portrays the character Tılsım, Karsu’s daughter.

Kuzey (Sarp Kaan Altınçapa) Sandık Kokusu

Kuzey (Sarp Kaan Altınçapa)

Sarp Kaan Altınçapa was born on February 26, 2017, in Istanbul. He has appeared in projects such as “Bambaşka Biri” and “Sandık Kokusu”.

In the series Sandık Kokusu, he portrays Kuzey, Karsu’s son.

Selin (Miray Yeral) Sandık Kokusu

Selin (Miray Yeral)

Miray Yeral was born on July 15, 2019. Previously, she appeared in the series “Ya Çok Seversen” in 2023, playing in 1 season and 13 episodes.

In the series Sandık Kokusu, she portrays Selin, Karsu’s youngest daughter.

Release Date of “Sandık Kokusu”

The release date for “Sandık Kokusu” has not been officially announced yet. The series is expected to premiere on Show TV this season.

Filming Location of “Sandık Kokusu”

The initial episode of “Sandık Kokusu” was filmed in Adana, one of Turkey’s popular cities, and subsequent episodes will continue in Istanbul. This pattern is commonly observed in Turkish series where they start in different cities and later transition to Istanbul.

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