Sakla Beni: Meet the cast of the new Turkish drama

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The cast of the new Turkish series Sakla Beni Cast

The cast of Star TV’s new series Sakla Beni has been announced. The Turkish series “Sakla Beni” includes names like “Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel, Asude Kalebek, Şenay Gürler, Ceyda Düvenci, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Sevinç Erbulak, Gökşen Ateş, Kamil Güler, Nizam Namidar, Sera Tokdemir, Edip Saner, Açelya Devrim Yılhan, Sıla Korkmaz, Emine Uyar, and Tamer Levent.”

Sakla Beni Plot

The series revolves around the story of Mete and Naz. These two young individuals have led a privileged life, but secrets from the past and unexpected encounters have the potential to change their lives forever. The story points to a journey where love and secrets intersect. At this point, the role of İncila raises curiosity about how everything can change. Whether the encounter between Mete and Naz will change the direction of the story and lead Mete to find his true love is the central focus of this series.

Sakla Beni Cast

Main Characters of Sakla Beni

Mete - Uraz Kaygılaroğlu - Sakla Beni serie

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu (Mete)

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu portrays the character of Mete. Mete is a successful businessman and the child of wealthy and powerful families. However, secrets from the past and unexpected events can change his life.

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Who is Uraz Kaygılaroğlu ➡

incila - Cemre Baysel --Sakla-Beni-Serie

Cemre Baysel (İncila)

The Turkish actress Cemre Baysel portrays the character İncila in the series “Sakla Beni.” İncila character serves as a maid in the house of a wealthy family and assists the rich and spoiled girl of the house.

Who is Cemre Baysel ➡

Naz - Asude Kelebek - Sakla Beni Serie

Asude Kalebek (Naz)

Turkish actress Asude Kalebek plays the character Naz in the series “Sakla Beni.” Naz is the spoiled and only daughter of the family. Additionally, she is Mete’s girlfriend.

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Who is Asude Kalebek ➡

Belgin - Şenay Gürler - Sakla Beni Serie

Şenay Gürler (Belgin)

For more information about the beautiful 57-year-old actress Şenay Gürler, who portrays the character ‘Belgin’ in the ‘Sakla Beni’ series, check out her biography.

Who is Şenay Gürler ➡

Filiz - Sakla Beni - Ceyda Düvenci

Ceyda Düvenci (Filiz)

Ceyda Düvenci, aged 46 (born on April 16, 1977 in Bursa), portrays the character Filiz, Naz’s mother, in the ‘Sakla Beni’ series. Ceyda Düvenci is one of the popular and well-known actresses in Turkish television.

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Who is Ceyda Düvenci? ➡

İzzet - Kamil Güler - Sakla Beni Serie

Kamil Güler (İzzet)

Kâmil Güler, aged 51 (born in Adana), is a Turkish film, theater, and television actor. He is one of the founders of the Istanbul Royal Theater. In the ‘Sakla Beni’ series, he portrays the character İzzet, Naz’s father.

Atıf - Nizam Namidar - Sakla Beni Serie

Nizam Namidar (Atıf)

Nizam Namidar, aged 62 (born on August 11, 1961, in Istanbul), is an actor who has appeared in numerous films and series in both Germany and Turkey. In the ‘Sakla Beni’ series, he portrays the character of Naz’s grandfather.

Sakla Beni Nilüfer Açıkalın

Nilüfer Açıkalın (Gülten)

Nilüfer Açıkalın, aged 56, originally Nilüfer Küçükçavdar, is a film and theater actress, short story writer, and musician. In the ‘Sakla Beni’ series, she portrays the character Gülten, the mother of Mete.

Who is Nilüfer Açıkalın? ➡

sakla beni tansu - Gökşen Ateş

Gökşen Ateş (Tansu)

Gökşen Ateş, aged 39 (born on April 4, 1984), portrays the character Tansu in the ‘Sakla Beni’ series. Gökşen Ateş is a Turkish actress born in Istanbul, with a height of 1.73 cm.

She is an actress, known for Çukur (2016), Kuzey Güney (2011) and Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki (2010).

Who is Gökşen Ateş? ➡

Fahrünnisa - Sera Tokdemir - Sakla Beni Serie

Sera Tokdemir (Fahrünnisa)

Sera Tokdemir, aged 42 (born on April 11, 1981 in Mersin), is a Turkish actress and stage performer. She portrays the character Fahrünnisa in the ‘Sakla Beni’ series.

Who is Sera Tokdemir? ➡

Müberra - Açelya Devrim Yılhan - Sakla Beni Serie

Açelya Devrim Yılhan (Müberra)

Açelya Devrim Yılhan, aged 38, was born on September 2, 1985, in Ankara. In the ‘Sakla Beni’ series, she portrays the character Müberra, the housemaid.

Tamer Levent (Kont Ziya) - Sakla Beni Serie

Tamer Levent (Kont Ziya)

Tamer Levent, aged 73, born in Izmir, is a Turkish actor, director, art director, and writer. He has been part of many productions. Most recently, he portrays the character Count Ziya, Mete’s father, in the ‘Sakla Beni’ series.

New actors joined the “Sakla Beni” series:

Sakla Beni Kadir (Baran Bölükbaşı)

Baran Bölükbaşı (Kadir)

Baran Bölükbaşı, aged 30, was born on May 1, 1994, in Hatay, Turkey. He began his acting career in 2017 with the series “Adı Efsane,” portraying the character Fiko. Just a few weeks ago, he joined the “Sakla Beni” series, where he plays the role of “Kadir,” engaged to İncila.

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