Plot of the Yabani Series – Cast of the Turkish Series Yabani

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Yabani Series (Wild): Where Drama and Hope Converge

Yabani (Wild) is one of the recent successful examples of Turkish television series, presenting a story filled with drama and hope. The series narrates the life journey of Yaman, who comes from a well-established family but is forced to grow up on the streets. Yaman, despite his challenging upbringing, never loses his zest for life. Years later, he returns home with the intention of redefining himself and adapting to the contradictions of life.

Yabani (Wild) Cast

Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas take on the leading roles in the “Yabani” (Wild) series. However, alongside these two talented actors, the series features a cast of experienced names. Here’s the cast of the “Yabani” (Wild) series:

Cast Of Yabani

  • YamanHalit Özgür Sarı: Portraying the main character Yaman, Sarı brings life to a young boy who, despite growing up on the streets, maintains his enthusiasm for life.
  • RüyaSimay Barlas: The character of Rüya holds a significant place in Yaman’s life, forming the core emotional connection that drives the series.
  • Serhan SoysalanYurdaer Okur: Serhan’s character plays an important role as one of the catalysts for change in Yaman’s life.
  • Alaz SoysalanBertan Asllani: Alaz’s character helps Yaman confront the challenges he faces.
  • ŞebnemŞebnem Hassanisoughi Bilgiç: Şebnem’s character is another key figure in the series, influencing the story’s development significantly.

Filming Locations for “Yabani” (Wild)

The filming of “Yabani” (Wild) takes place in various parts of Istanbul, Turkey. The series showcases scenes in the historical and picturesque neighborhoods of Istanbul. Locations like Beşiktaş and Galata contribute significantly to the visual storytelling. Istanbul’s enchanting vistas add memorable moments to the series.

Genre of “Yabani” (Wild) Series

“Yabani” (Wild) belongs to the drama and emotional genre, making it one of the successful examples of Turkish television dramas. The series is built around the challenges characters face, family bonds, and moments filled with hope.

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“Yabani” (Wild) Series Is Not an Adaptation

It’s worth noting that “Yabani” (Wild) is not based on a real-life story or an adaptation of any book, film, or story. The series features an original screenplay written by Hilal Yıldız.

In conclusion, “Yabani” (Wild) series offers viewers an impactful narrative that revolves around the dramatic and hopeful life of Yaman, who comes from a deep-rooted family. With a talented cast and captivating filming locations in Istanbul, the series stands out as a choice for those who appreciate the drama genre and seek a captivating viewing experience.

Cast of the Turkish series Yabani


Life has taken much from him. That’s why he values even the needle he owns. He has managed to build a world with friends he will never give up on. The hardships he encountered on the streets did not darken his heart; on the contrary, they made him stronger. That’s why he has always found a way to nurture hope within him. He knows poverty, hunger, and being looked down upon very well, but he doesn’t get stuck in what he has experienced. There is no such thing as “impossible” for Yaman. He draws his strength from his friends, whom he regards as his family, or rather, the siblings he has chosen from the streets. He is willing to give his life for them if necessary, and even take a life if required.

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Everyone in her life has assigned a role to her, but she is determined to play the role she wants. She is aware of those who won’t be fooled by the dazzling colors of the world she lives in. She is like a weed among her family and surroundings. Not resembling anyone around her is both her fortune and misfortune. What she is really looking for is sincerity. In her journey, she will find more than what she is looking for without even realizing it.

Serhan Soysalan – YURDAER OKUR

When he married Neslihan, Serhan hoped to take over the Soysalan empire, but in this family, he not only did not find what he hoped for but also lost his happiness.

Neslihan Soysalan – DOLUNAY SOYSERT

Eşref Soysalan’s only daughter. A successful doctor who practices her profession just like her father, and a mother who still carries the pain of losing her son years ago. That’s why she doesn’t consider happiness her due. Since that day, the fear of losing that settled in her heart also reflects in her motherhood. Although her efforts to control everything may suffocate those around her, she has no other choice. She has always kept the hope of reuniting with her son alive. However, when her lost son, Ali, returns one day, she won’t be able to prevent the truth from coming to light.

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Alaz Soysalan – BERTAN ASLLANİ

The embodiment of those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. His arrogance tells him he can have everything. He is not even aware that his hotheadedness and anger are consuming him. Being the only grandson of the Soysalan family has inflated his self-confidence too much. Winning the favor of his grandfather and mother will be the greatest achievement of his life, or so he thinks. Unfortunately, he is not yet aware that the balance can change.


Passion, ambition, money, power… There is no need for more words to describe Şebnem. She is so shrewd that she can calculate the outcome of her decisions three steps ahead. She won’t lift a finger for any job that doesn’t benefit her. She chooses her words so carefully that understanding her intentions becomes difficult. She knows how to manipulate those around her to keep them by her side. Display and grandeur are her greatest weaknesses. If only she could make her daughter Rüya resemble her…


He adapts to any environment he enters. With his rogue spirit, he can entertain you while confusing your mind with his devilish nature. There is no middle ground for his emotions. He experiences both happiness and anger to the fullest. No one can beat him in attracting trouble like a magnet. If trouble doesn’t find him, he gets bored and finds it himself.


The street’s rebel girl. She doesn’t reveal her name to people she meets at first. She shows her teeth, sharpens her nails. Because life has taught her to do so. The dirt on her face and the lice in her hair have become her shield; no one can approach her. She fought hard to stay on her feet and cling to life. She is someone who would sacrifice herself without hesitation for the friends she grew up with.

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Çağla Soysalan – SERAY ÖZKAN

The family’s overlooked, the sweetest part. She is the only source of light that brightens the house with her jokes and laughter. Even the slightest smile and attention can make her forget everything. She lost herself in order to be seen. Waking up from the dream she has been lying in is a must for her to find the happiness she seeks. There is no room for pessimism in her life.


Umut is the greatest weakness of Asi, Cesur, and Yaman. Being the youngest in the house makes him the most precious. He has paid the price for his sacrifices in the past with his body. Just like his name, his only hope in life is to be able to walk one day. But he doesn’t talk about it too much. Umut is mature enough to understand both possibilities and impossibilities. He is too proud to want anyone to feel sorry for him.


He knows the best of everything, the right way to do it. No one can surpass him one step ahead. If someone tries to, he reminds them of their place. He excels in finding flaws. He happily and contentedly lives alone atop Mount Kaf. Despite everything, he doesn’t appreciate those who are by his side; instead, he hurts them. It’s not easy to distance oneself from him either. He knows very well when to step back when he realizes he’s about to lose.

Ece Soysalan – ALEYNA AL

The family’s “kazandibi,” the sweetest part. She is the only source of light that brightens the house with her jokes and laughter. Even the slightest smile and attention can make her forget everything. Her illness is not enough to drain her life energy; on the contrary, she always keeps her hopes of getting better alive. There is no room for pessimism in her life.

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