Plot and Cast of the New Turkish Series “Yıldızlar Bana Uzak”

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Preparing to captivate the audience with a tale of love and revenge filled with secrets, the new Turkish series “Yıldızlar Bana Uzak” is set to premiere soon on ATV.


Kadir and Aslı… Their love is not one that will be forgotten or defeated by time. It’s akin to a sacred bond that will be remembered forever. However, Kadir’s imprisonment, especially Aslı being imprisoned as her father’s murderer, leads to the loss of all the beautiful memories.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak
Yıldızlar Bana Uzak

While Aslı is reeling from this blow, Kadir has only one goal now: to prove his innocence and seek revenge from the Varnalı family, who manipulated the game along with Yahya, guiding him in prison…

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Even though the truth coming out might reignite the smoldering flame of their love, buried deep within are monumental secrets from the past that threaten to slip away the magical happiness once again from their grasp…

Starring Furkan Andıç and Burcu Kıratlı, the series boasts a strong cast.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak
Yıldızlar Bana Uzak

In addition to seasoned actors Gürkan Uygun and Murat Daltaban, the show includes Rami Narin, Elifcan Ongurlar, Evrim Doğan, İnanç Konukçu, Goncagül Sunar, Yaprak Medine, Baran Can Eraslan, Ela Yörüklü, Önder Selen, Deniz Atam, and child actor Mustafa Enis Bilir.

Cast of “Yıldızlar Bana Uzak”:

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak - Furkan Andıç (Kadir Erdem)

Kadir Erdem (Furkan Andıç)

33-year-old Furkan Andıç, born on April 4, 1990, in Istanbul, is a Turkish actor. He has starred in many series such as “Kaçak Gelinler” and “Çatı Katı Aşk”. Presently, in 2023, he portrays the character “Kadir” in the series “Yıldızlar Bana Uzak”.

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Kadir Erdem:
Born and raised in a distant neighborhood of Istanbul, he is a strong, honest, fair young man who takes care of his family. His biggest dream is to build a happy and peaceful home with Aslı. However, being accused of a crime changes the old Kadir. Now, his only desire is to seek revenge on the Varnalı family who stole years from his life.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak - Burcu Kıratlı (Aslı Cansever)

Aslı Cansever (Burcu Kıratlı)

34-year-old Burcu Kıratlı, born on July 23, 1989, in Istanbul, is a Turkish actress. From 2016 to 2018, she starred as “Mavi” in the series “Aşk ve Mavi”. Between 2010 and 2016, she played supporting roles in “Diriliş Ertuğrul” and “Elde Var Hayat”.

Aslı Cansever:
Born in the same neighborhood as Kadir but raised in the Varnalı mansion. She has had a successful educational life and is a brave, intelligent, and strong woman. Due to losing her mother at a young age, she is very attached to her father and sibling. Despite everything, her love for Kadir is the only hope in her life. However, her father falling victim to murder shatters her entire life.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak - Yahya Aldemir (Gürkan Uygun)

Yahya Aldemir (Gürkan Uygun)

49-year-old Gürkan Uygun, born on May 27, 1974, in Izmit, is a Turkish theater, television, and film actor. He gained fame for his portrayal of “Memati Baş” in the “Kurtlar Vadisi” series for 9 years. Remaining on screens since 1994, Gürkan Uygun is forever etched in many people’s memories as “Memati Baş from Kurtlar Vadisi”. He also provides the voice for the first episode and trailer of the series “Yıldızlar Bana Uzak”.

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Yahya Aldemir:
He is one of the old tough guys of Istanbul. However, he is renowned not for Orhan Varnalı‘s cruelty but for his conscience. He doesn’t consider every means fair for power, distinguishing between the innocent and the guilty. He is honest, upright, and a man of his word. He loves Kadir like his own son. Their common enemies are the Varnalıs. He will execute a plan he made in prison for years together with Kadir.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Murat Daltaban (Orhan Varnalı)

Orhan Varnalı (Murat Daltaban)

Orhan Varnalı He is one of Istanbul’s powerful businessmen. But the source of this power is dark and dirty. He is determined and ruthless, willing to do anything to maintain his power. He doesn’t like to repeat his sentences. His decision-making takes only seconds, and he doesn’t question his mistakes or correctness because being questioned is a weakness for him. When faced with his greatest enemy, Yahya Aldemir, he realizes that there is one last battle to be won. His son Han is his biggest weakness.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Han Varnalı - Rami Narin

Han Varnalı (Rami Narin)

Han Varnalı He is the sole heir of the Varnalı family. He is accustomed to having everything he wants in life. Arrogant, ambitious, and unpredictable. He is madly in love with Aslı and there is nothing he wouldn’t do to possess her. For him, it’s not just love, it’s an obsession. He believes that Aslı is the only thing that makes his world real.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak - Elifcan Ongurlar - Doğa Aldemir

Doğa Aldemir (Elifcan Ongurlar)

Doğa Aldemir She is Yahya Aldemir‘s daughter. A sturdy, calculating lawyer who always plans her next steps. She hasn’t yet seen her greatest account in the meticulously woven path of her life.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak - Evrim Doğan - Melike Varnalı

Melike Varnalı (Evrim Doğan)

Melike Varnalı She is Orhan Varnalı‘s sister. She strives to keep the Varnalı family together. Strong, bold, and full of secrets.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak - İnanç Konukçu - Murat

Murat (İnanç Konukçu)

Murat Kadir‘s closest friend, his buddy. Honest, enthusiastic, and witty. Whatever happens, he always supports Kadir.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Sırma Erdem -

Sırma Erdem (Goncagül Sunar)

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Yaprak Medine - Kumru Cansever

Kumru Cansever (Yaprak Medine)

Kumru Cansever She is Aslı‘s only sister. She hasn’t had an easy childhood. She’s always full of life. She is always by her sister’s side.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Baran Can Eraslan - Samet Aldemir

Samet Aldemir (Baran Can Eraslan)

Samet Aldemir He is Yahya Aldemir‘s son. Once a dynamic young man with goals, he became disillusioned with life after a terrible incident. His only aim is to seek revenge on Han, whom he holds responsible for everything.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Önder Selen - Halil Abi

Halil Abi (Önder Selen)

Halil Abi He is the unique ‘Big Brother’ to Kadir and Murat. He’s been through a lot, appears naive but has learned life’s lessons. Anyone with a problem finds solace in Halil Abi‘s Place.

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak -  Ela Yörüklü - Zuhal

Zuhal (Ela Yörüklü)

Zuhal Initially Aslı‘s assistant, she gradually became her closest friend. She is the only person Aslı can confide in, her confidante.

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