Now Watch TV Series “In Your Own Language”: Introducing the Incredible Device

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Now You Can Watch Shows “In Your Own Language”: Here’s the Amazing Device

Your primary language might be English, German, or Spanish. However, you may want to watch a TV series or movie in Turkish. Watching a Turkish series with subtitles can be quite tedious, and sometimes, there might not even be subtitles in your language. A technology has been developed to overcome all these problems.

Now you can hear 40 different languages in real-time in your own language!

“The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Translator Center,” Timekettle X1, is an award-winning language translation device developed with artificial intelligence and powerful hardware, receiving the CES 2024 Innovation Award. But it’s not just an ordinary translation device.

This device, consisting of 2 headphones and 1 HUB, can translate your language to the other person’s language and vice versa in as little as 0.4 seconds. 0.4 seconds practically means real-time translation.

In summary; you put one headphone in your ear and the other in the ear of the person you are talking to. This way, even if the other person doesn’t know your language, when they speak, their voice comes to your ear in the translation of your language. Moreover, it translates in real-time and with the person’s own voice tone.

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Can we use this device while watching series?

Actually, the main purpose of this device is to enable two people speaking in different foreign languages to understand each other instantly, but why not use it while watching a series? In this case, you will place one headphone next to the speaker of the device (PC or television) you are watching the series on and put the other in your ear. Thus, even if the series is spoken in Turkish or another language, the conversations will come to your ear instantly in your own language.

At least, I will try this. I hope it works, and I can watch the series I want in my own language. Most series don’t have dubbing in my language. For example, a Turkish series might not have English, German, or Spanish dubbing. With this device, I will watch it as if it’s dubbed in the language I want. At least, that’s what I hope for. 🙂

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