Mert Yazıcıoğlu: The Character of “Cüneyd Güneş” in the Series “Kızıl Goncalar”

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The Turkish series “Kızıl Goncalar,” breaking rating records, continues to air on NOW (Fox) screens every Monday. The actor who portrays the character Cüneyd Güneş, one of the leading roles in the series “Kızıl Goncalar,” is Mert Yazıcıoğlu.

Who is Mert Yazıcıoğlu?

Mert Yazıcıoğlu, 31 years old, was born on May 10, 1993, in Istanbul. Although he enrolled in the Business Department of Istanbul University, he could not complete his university education as he started to pursue acting. He began taking acting lessons and appeared in a brief scene in the 2011 film “Dedemin İnsanları.”

Mert Yazcioglu
Mert Yazcioglu

Later, he started to appear on screens with the series “Kayıp Şehir.” Between 2013 and 2016, he portrayed the character “Baran” in the television series “Karagül.” Between 2016 and 2022, he appeared in series such as “Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz” (Fırat), “Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi” (Korkut), “Bir Litre Gözyaşı” (Mahir Yetkin), “Bir Annenin Günahı” (Yusuf), and “Darmaduman” (Kerem).

Mert Yazcioglu - Actor
Mert Yazcioglu – Actor

Most recently, he has garnered attention for his role as Cüneyd in the 2024 series “Kızıl Goncalar.” Additionally, he appeared in two different web series in 2020-2021, namely “Aşk 101” and “Ölüm Zamanı.” His next internet project is titled “Berber,” where he will portray the character Ali. In 2018, he starred in the film “İyi Oyun,” portraying the lead role of Cenk.

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Mert Yazcioglu - Turkish actor
Mert Yazcioglu – Turkish actor

The Mysterious Spirit of Kızıl Goncalar: Cüneyd Efendi

Cüneyd Güneş, portrayed by Mert Yazıcıoğlu, is one of the most complex and mysterious characters of NOW TV’s beloved series “Kızıl Goncalar.” While initially appearing as a sage and wise guardian of the order, Cüneyd, upon meeting the psychiatrist Levent and Zeynep, begins to reveal unknown aspects of himself.

In need of treatment according to positive science, Cüneyd is a character bound by the strict rules of the order and places great importance on spirituality. His forbidden love for Zeynep also leads him into a great internal conflict.

Mert Yazcioglu - Cuneyd Efendi
Mert Yazcioglu – Cuneyd Efendi

While very little is known about Cüneyd’s mysterious past, including his parents, how and why he became involved with the order remains largely unexplained.

Cüneyd’s character blurs the line between good and evil in the series. At times, he can be merciful and helpful, while at other times, he can be angry and destructive, making him both attractive and terrifying to viewers.

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Cüneyd’s Character;

A soul caught between the order and the modern world: Although Cüneyd is bound by the strict rules of the order, he begins to show interest in the modern world and the freedoms it offers upon meeting Zeynep. This situation leads him into a great internal conflict.

The burden of forbidden love: Cüneyd carries the burden of his forbidden love for Zeynep. This love both makes him happy and causes him great guilt.

Mysterious past: While very little is known about Cüneyd’s past, including how and why he became involved with the order, this mystery further complicates his character.

Questions About Cuneyd Efendi;

  • Is Cüneyd a good character or a bad character?
  • Are Cüneyd’s feelings for Zeynep genuine?
  • Will Cüneyd be able to break free from the strict rules of the order?
  • What role will Cüneyd’s past play in the upcoming episodes of the series?

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