Kızılcık Şerbeti: Cast of the Record-Breaking Turkish Series

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“Kızılcık Şerbeti,” a Turkish series that has been followed with great interest since its first airing, features a stellar cast. Among the leading actors are Ömer Ünal (Barış Kılıç), Kıvılcım Arslan (Evrim Alasya), Abdullah Ünal (Settar Tanrıöğen), Doğa Korkmaz (Sıla Türkoğlu), Pembe Ünal (Sibel Taşçıoğlu), Fatih Ünal (Doğukan Güngör), and Alev Arslan (Müjde Uzman).

Synopsis of “Kızılcık Şerbeti”:

The series revolves around a love story caught between two different families. Doğa is a free-spirited young woman raised in a modern family, while Fatih is a conservative young man brought up in a traditional household. They meet in university and fall in love, setting off a series of events filled with action, suspense, and drama.

Cast of “Kızılcık Şerbeti” (Cranberry Sherbet)

Main Cast

Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Ömer Ünal (Barış Kılıç)

Ömer Ünal (Barış Kılıç)

Ömer is Abdullah Ünal’s brother and heads the international investments of the Ünal Group of Companies. He has received a better education compared to his brother, having studied abroad. He never faults in showing respect to family members, refuses to be underestimated, and doesn’t hold back his opinions. His encounter with Kıvılcım becomes a significant test in his life.

Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Kıvılcım Arslan (Evrim Alasya)

Kıvılcım Arslan (Evrim Alasya)

Kıvılcım is Doğa’s mother and lives in Istanbul with her daughter. She is a strong and determined woman facing life head-on.

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Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Abdullah Ünal (Settar Tanrıöğen)

Abdullah Ünal (Settar Tanrıöğen)

Abdullah is Ömer’s elder brother. Despite having an equal share in the company with Ömer, due to family hierarchy, he holds the highest authority. He is a good family man and a paternal figure, expecting respect while also respecting others’ opinions.

Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Doğa Korkmaz (Sıla Türkoğlu)

Doğa Korkmaz (Sıla Türkoğlu)

Doğa is Kıvılcım’s eldest daughter, an idealistic and hardworking young woman. Graduating top of her class from her mother’s school, she earned a full scholarship for dental school. She values her mother immensely and initially hides her relationship with Fatih to prevent her mother’s distress. However, her love for Fatih triumphs, leading her to marry him regardless of her mother’s opinion.

Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Pembe Ünal (Sibel Taşçıoğlu)

Pembe Ünal (Sibel Taşçıoğlu)

Pembe is Abdullah’s wife and the mother of three children. She married Abdullah through traditional means but fell in love with him. Her life revolves around her husband and children, willingly making sacrifices for their happiness. She is constructive, cheerful, meticulous, and organized.

Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Fatih Ünal (Doğukan Güngör)

Fatih Ünal (Doğukan Güngör)

Fatih is Abdullah’s youngest son and his most cherished. He is respectful and courteous. Unlike his brother Mustafa, he is more active and intelligent in business matters. When he falls in love with Doğa and plans to marry her, obtaining his father’s approval becomes crucial.

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Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Alev Arslan (Müjde Uzman)

Alev Arslan (Müjde Uzman)

Alev is Kıvılcım’s spirited younger sister and the owner of an events organization company. While Kıvılcım is grounded, Alev is more spontaneous. She’s cheerful, fun-loving, and humorous, viewing life from a different perspective and not taking things too seriously. She speaks her mind without hesitation.

Supporting Actors

Kızılcık Şerbeti Cast Nursema Kıraç (Ceren Yalazoğlu Karakoç)

Nursema Kıraç (Ceren Yalazoğlu Karakoç)

Born in Ankara in 1984, Ceren Yalazoğlu Karakoç completed her education at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University’s Department of Stage and Visual Arts. She has appeared in TV series such as “Beni Affet,” “Maria ile Mustafa,” “Akıncı,” and “İçimizden Biri,” portraying the character Nursema in the series “Kızılcık Şerbeti.” In theater, she performed in the play “Terapi Ötesi.”

Other Actors

Serkan Tınmaz (Umut Kıraç), Feyza Civelek (Nilay), Kayra Şenocak (Ertuğrul), Rahimcan Kapkap (Metehan), Emrah Altıntoprak (Mustafa), Sevim Erdoğan (Leman).

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