Kızıl Goncalar: Meet the Cast of the New Turkish Series

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FOX TV’s new series, “Kızıl Goncalar,” will premiere on Monday, December 18th. Starring in the leading roles of the new Turkish series “Kızıl Goncalar” are Özcan Deniz and Özgü Namal. The series revolves around the intersecting destinies of Levent (Özcan Deniz), a secular Atatürkist, and Meryem (Özgü Namal), a woman living within a conservative religious order.

New Turkish Series Kızıl Goncalar

Plot of “Kızıl Goncalar”:

Levent is a child of a family devoted to Atatürk’s principles, embracing republican values and leading a secular life. On the other hand, Meryem, at a young age, was surrendered to a religious order. Living by the rules of this order, Meryem is engaged to a man as per the leader’s decision.

Plot of Kızıl Goncalar
Plot of Kızıl Goncalar

Levent and Meryem’s paths cross in a car accident. In the accident, Meryem’s fiancé dies, and she is taken under Levent’s protection. During this time, Levent and Meryem grow closer and develop feelings for each other. However, the love between these two individuals from different worlds will face a challenging test.

Kızıl Goncalar
Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar Cast:

Alongside the strong cast and compelling storyline, the eagerly anticipated series features Özcan Deniz and Özgü Namal, supported by a talented ensemble including Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Erkan Avcı, Hazal Türesan, Mert Turak, Selen Öztürk, Şerif Erol, Duygu Sarışın, Tuğrul Tülek, Yakup Turgut, Sitare Akbaş, Mina Demirtaş, Esma Yılmaz, Zehra Kelleci, Tuana Gizem Uzunlar, among other accomplished names.

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Cast of Kizil Goncalar:

Kızıl Goncalar - Özcan Deniz (Levent)

Özcan Deniz (Levent Alkanlı)

Özcan Deniz, a 51-year-old of Kurdish descent born on May 19, 1972, in Ankara, is known for his singing and acting career. With over ten albums and more than twenty music videos starting from 1992, Deniz has also appeared in over ten films from 1994 to 2017 and twelve series from 1997 to 2021. He returns to the screens in 2023 with the Turkish series “Kızıl Goncalar” as the character Levent.

Character portrayed in the series:

The son of a very difficult father, he is a highly successful but idealistic psychiatrist criticized by his surroundings. While rapidly progressing on the path of healing people, touching everyone’s issues, and being a useful Atatürkist to his homeland and nation, he has missed a few things happening very close to him. Like a candle that doesn’t shed light on the base, he failed to see the state of his daughter and wife as he struggled not to disappoint the ideals he inherited from his father. It’s through entering Meryem’s life that he will encounter compassion.

Kızıl Goncalar - Özgü Namal (Meryem Tezel)

Özgü Namal (Meryem Tezel)

A Turkish TV, film, and theater actress, 44-year-old Özgü Namal, born on December 28, 1978, in Istanbul, is a mother of two. While she has been part of numerous series since 1998, she gained significant recognition for her role as Elif in the series Kurtlar Vadisi between 2003-2005. Currently, she portrays Meryem in the 2023 Turkish series “Kızıl Goncalar.”

Character portrayed in the series:

Naim’s wife is Zeynep’s mother. Meryem is a woman who lives by the principle ‘Islam is beautiful morals,’ skilled in household chores, honest, and compassionate. Her sole aim is her daughter’s happiness, striving not to live out her own fate, yet in the struggle for her daughter’s happiness, she will confront her deep-seated unhappiness that she has pushed away for years. By standing beside her, she will encounter a completely different life with Levent.

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Kızıl Goncalar - Mert Yazıcıoğlu (Cüneyd Güneş)

Mert Yazıcıoğlu (Cüneyd Güneş)

30-year-old Mert Yazıcıoğlu, born on May 10, 1993, in Istanbul, is a Turkish TV and film actor, having appeared in seven different series from 2012 to 2022.

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Character portrayed in the series:

From the perspective of positive sciences, he is in need of treatment, but from the perspective of the mystical world, he is a saint possessing spiritual ecstasy and wisdom. Psychiatrist Levent’s meeting with Zeynep and Meryem will profoundly impact his life.

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Kızıl Goncalar - Erkan Avcı (Sadi Hüdayi Güneş)

Erkan Avcı (Sadi Hüdayi Güneş)

41-year-old Erkan Avcı, born on December 17, 1982, in Diyarbakır, gained fame for his role as Barut Necdet in the series Karadayı. He received the Best Supporting Actor award at the 48th Golden Orange Film Festival in 2011 for his role in the film Zenne. He portrayed Aya Nikola in the series Kuruluş Osman on ATV and the character “Mazhar” in the FOX series Hayatımın Şansı.

Character portrayed in the series:

The spokesperson of the Sufi order, the expected successor to the post, Sadi Hüdayi is the husband of Hasna. He is Feyza’s father. His greatest priority is to protect his nephew Cüneyd, whom he loves but also feels jealous of when necessary.

Kızıl Goncalar - Hazal Türesan (Beste Özdemir Alkanlı)

Hazal Türesan (Beste Özdemir Alkanlı)

38-year-old Hazal Türesan, born on July 20, 1985, in Ankara, is a Turkish cinema and television actress known for her roles in various series between 2008 and 2022. She will be part of the 2023 Turkish series “Kızıl Goncalar.”

Character portrayed in the series:

Levent’s wife is the mother of Mira. With Meryem and her family’s arrival in Istanbul, all the secrets she brought from the past will come to light, and her entire life will change.

Kızıl Goncalar - Mert Turak (Naim Tezel)

Mert Turak (Naim Tezel)

43-year-old Mert Turak, of Malatian descent from his father’s side and Macedonian from his mother’s side, graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory’s Theater Department. He has appeared in numerous TV series, movies, and theaters since 1999 and made his debut with the popular series “Yılan Hikayesi” in 1999.

Character portrayed in the series:

Meryem’s husband is Zeynep’s father. He has never had a real job, worked in temporary positions that didn’t require qualifications, couldn’t appreciate a beauty like Meryem’s, always chasing small gains, and is a man trying to reckon with the sins he committed in the past.

Kızıl Goncalar - Selen Öztürk (Hasna Güneş)

Selen Öztürk (Hasna Güneş)

43-year-old Selen Öztürk, born on July 23, 1980, in Izmir, is a Turkish actress and voice-over artist. While she has been in the cinema and TV industry since 2002, her main field of expertise is voice acting, contributing to various foreign movie dubbings and commercials since 1988.

Character portrayed in the series:

Sadi Hüdayi’s wife is Feyza’s mother. She holds the position of ‘hanımanne’ within the Sufi order. She is in love with her husband, Sadi Hüdayi, cheerful, eager to betroth her daughter Feyza to Cüneyd, and a woman directly influenced by the arrival of Meryem’s family, taking their side.

Kızıl Goncalar - Şerif Erol (Suavi Alkanlı)

Şerif Erol (Suavi Alkanlı)

60-year-old Şeref Erol, born on October 8, 1963, in Izmir, has been active in the TV and film industry since 1992. He’s also a screenwriter, credited with scripts for productions like “Bıçak Sırtı – Hırsız Polis – Bir İstanbul Masalı.”

Character portrayed in the series:

He is one of the influential academics of the February 28 period. While dreaming of a peaceful retirement, he fell into the clutches of a relentless illness. He is the father of Levent and Hande. The significant, life-altering change that Meryem and Zeynep will experience will push him to reconcile with both his family and his past and force him to make decisions about the continuation of his life.

Kızıl Goncalar - Duygu Sarışın (Hande Alkanlı)

Duygu Sarışın (Hande Alkanlı)

36-year-old Duygu Sarışın, born on November 24, 1987, in Izmir, has appeared in productions like “Ufak Tefek Cinayetler” and “İçerde.”

Character portrayed in the series:

Levent’s sister is Suavi’s daughter. She is a young, passionate journalist troubled by issues related to her father. She is committed to liberal views, willing to risk damaging her relationship with her father for this cause. Hande is somewhat distant from her brother’s views but respectful of his actions, and she is a journalist with strong interpersonal skills. Meryem and Zeynep will open the door to a new world that she is very curious about.

Kızıl Goncalar - Tuğrul Tülek (Seçkin Özarslan)

Tuğrul Tülek (Seçkin Özarslan)

47-year-old Tuğrul Tülek, born in Bursa, is a Turkish theater and cinema actor known for his roles in various theaters, movies, and series.

Character portrayed in the series:

He is Levent’s best friend. Apart from all the clashes of beliefs in the story, he doesn’t take life too seriously and has a materialistic perspective.

Kızıl Goncalar - Sitare Akbaş (Birgül Tezel)

Sitare Akbaş (Birgül Tezel)

35-year-old Sitare Akbaş, born in Istanbul, has been a supporting and guest actress in 13 series from 2005 until now, currently appearing in the 2023 series “Kızıl Goncalar.”

Character portrayed in the series:

She is Naim’s sister, Meryem’s sister-in-law, and Zeynep’s aunt. Self-confident and determined to pursue her ideals, she is a young woman. She departed from the circle of the religious order early on, is in conflict with her brother Naim, and came from Van to Istanbul to work as a teacher. Birgül genuinely loves her sister-in-law Meryem and her niece Zeynep. She represents the modern Muslim woman.

Kızıl Goncalar - Mina Demirtaş (Zeynep Tezel)

Mina Demirtaş (Zeynep Tezel)

The Turkish actress Mina Demirtaş was born in Istanbul in 2005. Mina Demirtaş, who is only 18 years old, is 1.65 meters tall. Continuing her education in Istanbul, Demirtaş took her first steps in her acting career in 2021 with the movie “Akif.” In 2022, she appeared on screen in the film “Kabahat” as Reyhan and in the film “Beraber” as Azra. Currently, she portrays the character Zeynep in the series “Kızıl Goncalar” in the years 2023-2024.

Character portrayed in the series:

She is Meryem and Naim’s daughter, and she is 16 years old. She has never seen a big city in her life and has never attended school. Coming to Istanbul means new possibilities for her.

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Kızıl Goncalar - Esma Yılmaz (Mira Alkanlı)

Esma Yılmaz (Mira Alkanlı)

18-year-old Esma Yılmaz is a Turkish actress born in Istanbul in 2005. She portrayed the character Büşra in the series ‘Kırgın Çiçekler’ in 2015, appeared in ‘Bizim Hikaye’ in 2019, and in the production ‘Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey’ in 2021. Currently, in 2023, she is portraying the character Mira in the series ‘Kızıl Goncalar.’

Character portrayed in the series:

She is the daughter of Levent and Beste, and she is 16 years old. The most important fact in her life is the high school entrance exam she will take at the end of the year. She will resort to dubious means to succeed in this exam.

Kızıl Goncalar Cast
Cast of Kizil Goncalar
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