Kara Ağaç Destanı: Meet the Cast of the New Turkish Series

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Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga): Meet the Cast of the New Turkish Series

A new Turkish series titled “Kara Ağaç Destanı” (Black Tree Saga) has premiered on TRT1. The series depicts “the world of existence and non-existence side by side in the ancient lands of Anatolia in the 1950s and 1970s, narrating both goodness and evil; excitement, sorrow, and love touching hearts with a compelling story.”

Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga) tells the story of a feudal system in Anatolia during the 1950s and the people living within this system. The series focuses on the experiences of a powerful and authoritative feudal lord named Celal Agha and his family.

Celal Agha is a man ready to do anything to protect his lands and family. Although a strong leader, some past events have made him rigid and ruthless. Despite wanting the happiness of his family, some mistakes he makes to protect them could put them in danger.

One of the main characters of the series is Ömer. Ömer is the son of Celal Agha’s first wife, Asiye. Brave and just, Ömer opposes the feudal system unlike his father. In love with a girl named Gülnaz, Ömer struggles to build a happy life with the woman he loves.

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Other characters in the series include:

  • Sultan: Celal Agha’s second wife. Ambitious and scheming, Sultan tries to use Celal Agha’s power and wealth for her own interests.
  • Asiye: Ömer’s mother and Celal Agha’s first wife. Asiye, who was abandoned by Celal Agha years ago, tries to build a happy life with her son.
  • Latif: Celal Agha’s most trusted man. Loyal and honest, Latif unquestioningly carries out Celal Agha’s every command.
  • Gülnaz: Ömer’s girlfriend. Beautiful and kind, Gülnaz struggles to win Ömer’s love.
  • Feyzo: Celal Agha’s enemy. Cruel and treacherous, Feyzo is willing to do anything to seize Celal Agha’s power and lands.

Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga) not only tells a feudal tale but also explores themes like love, betrayal, revenge, and family ties. The series also showcases the traditions and customs of Anatolia.

The first episode of the series aired on February 23, 2024, on TRT 1. The series will continue to meet viewers every Friday evening with new episodes.

Kara Ağaç Destanı Cast and Characters

Kara Ağaç Destanı Main Cast:

Emre Kıvılcım (Ömer) Kara Agac Destani

Ömer (Emre Kıvılcım)

Ömer (Son of Asiye)

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Meltem Akçöl (Sultan) Kara Agac Destani

Sultan (Meltem Akçöl)

Sultan (Celal Agha’s wife)

Olgun Simsek (Celal Ağa) Kara Agac Destani

Celal Aga (Olgun Şimşek)

Celal Agha (Head of the family)

Özlem Conker (Asiye) Kara Agac Destani

Asiye (Özlem Conker)

Asiye (Ömer’s mother)

Arman Uslu (Merdo) Kara Agac Destani

Merdo (Arman Uslu)

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Merih ÖZTÜRK  (Gülnaz) Kara Agac Destani

Gülnaz (Merih Öztürk)

Gülnaz (Ömer’s girlfriend)

Hakan Boyav (Latif Bey) Kara Agac Destani

Latif Bey (Hakan Boyav)

Cast of Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga)

  • Kenan Ciniviz – Feyzo
  • Deniz Altan – Sevim
  • Ayten Uncuoğlu – Paşa Kadın
  • Gülçin Hatıhan – Emine
  • İsmail Hakkı Ürün – Yusuf
  • Sevtap Özaltun – Fatma
  • Oğulcan Arman Uslu – Merdo
  • Mehmet Güler – Haydar
  • Sekvan Serinkaya – Dursun
  • Tuncay Beyazıt – Muhtar
  • Nurhayat Boz – Ayşe
  • Mehmet Şeker – Bekir
  • Sultan Sarohan – Hatçe
  • Taylan Meydan – Ali Rıza
  • Mert Karabulut – Veli
  • Halil Demir – Hasan
  • Berfin Kıymaz – Nisa
  • Adem Türkyılmaz – Cemal
  • Alessa Dilara Demircan – Elif

Kara Ağaç Destanı Characters:

  • Celal Agha: A powerful and authoritative feudal lord. Ready to do anything to protect his family and lands.
  • Ömer: Son of Asiye. Brave and just young man. In love with Gülnaz.
  • Sultan: Celal Agha’s wife. Ambitious and scheming woman.
  • Asiye: Ömer’s mother. Celal Agha’s first wife.
  • Latif: Celal Agha’s most trusted man. Loyal and honest.
  • Gülnaz: Ömer’s girlfriend. Beautiful and kind.
  • Feyzo: Celal Agha’s enemy. Cruel and treacherous.
  • Sevim: Gülnaz’s friend. Brave and helpful.
  • Paşa Kadın: Celal Agha’s mother. Wise and experienced woman.
  • Other characters: The series includes members of Celal Agha’s and other families, villagers, and other supporting characters.
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