Gizem Karaca in the role of ‘Güneş’ in the series Safir

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Every week, the eagerly anticipated Turkish series Safir continues to expand its cast. In the 15th episode, Gizem Karaca joined the series as the character Güneş.

Safir’s New Addition “Güneş”

Gizem Karaca, stating that the meaning of Güneş (Sun) is very special to her, said, “The sun is the source of life, as beautiful as it is dangerous. All planets revolve around it. That’s why I frequently use the sun symbol in my daily life, on my clothes, in the pictures I take, and generally in my home’s decoration.

Safir Series - Gunes - Gizem Karaca
Safir Series – Gunes – Gizem Karaca

When I heard that my character’s name was Güneş, I was very surprised. I really love some coincidences. It seems I called for it. I truly want to establish Güneş as a character as powerful and central as the sun. I believe Güneş will give energy and strength to everyone and everything, adding vitality to life.”

Who is Gizem Karaca?

Gizem Karaca, aged 31, born on September 7, 1992, is a Turkish model and actress. She married businessman Kemal Emekçi in 2017.

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Safir's new actress Güneş

Her mother is Münevver Karaca, and her father is Cüneyt Karaca. She is originally of Albanian descent from her mother’s side and of Thessaloniki descent from her father’s side.

As her family moved to America when Gizem was young, she spent her childhood in the USA and Canada. Having completed her elementary school in the USA and middle school in Canada, Karaca returned to Turkey during her high school years. After finishing high school, she enrolled in Istanbul University’s Faculty of Literature, Department of French Language and Literature.

safir ates

After enrolling in the French Language and Literature Department, in an attempt to escape from difficult courses, she decided to participate in a beauty pageant and joined the Miss Turkey 2011 competition, where she became the 2nd runner-up. After the competition, she considered television series offers that came her way.

Safir series Güneş - Gizem Karaca
Safir series Güneş – Gizem Karaca

Gizem Karaca’s Career

In 2012, she began her acting career with the lead role in the series called Eve Düşen Yıldırım on Show TV. That same year, she portrayed the character “Güneş Sancaktar” in her second series, Adını Feriha Koydum.

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Safir lawyer Güneş

After the series was taken off the air following the 13th episode, Gizem Karaca went to the USA for a while and received acting training at the New York Film Academy. She resumed her acting career with the series Benim Hala Umudum Var in the summer of 2013.
In 2014, she played the lead role in her first movie, Seni Seviyorum Adamım.

In June 2014, Karaca starred as the lead alongside Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu and Berk Cankat in the series Güzel Köylü, which aired on Star TV. The series concluded on June 17, 2015.
In 2017, she portrayed the lead character “Deniz” in the series İçimdeki Fırtına. That same year, she joined the series Kara Sevda as “Komiser Mercan” and left after a few episodes.

Gizem Karaca as “Güneş” in the series “Safir”

Most recently, in December 2023, Gizem Karaca is part of the series Safir in the role of “Güneş,” starting from the 15th episode.

Güneş is a successful lawyer residing in Istanbul. She is a free-spirited, brave, and fair woman. She excels in her profession and loves her job immensely. Güneş takes on a case one day, and this case introduces her to Safir.

Gizem Karaca - Gunes - Safir
Gizem Karaca – Gunes – Safir
Gizem Karaca - Gunes - Safir
Gizem Karaca – Gunes – Safir
Gizem Karaca - Gunes - Safir
Gizem Karaca – Gunes – Safir


TV series and movies previously starred by Gizem Karaca

Seni Seviyorum Adamım - Gizem Karaca

Seni Seviyorum Adamım
(I Love You, Mate)

  • Role: Ezel
  • Notes: Lead actor
  • Type: Feature film
  • 2014

Ay Lav Yu tuu - Gizem Karaca

Ay Lav Yu tuu

  • Role: Sultan
  • Notes: Feature film

Küçük Ortak - Gizem Karaca

Küçük Ortak
(Little Partner)

  • Role: Sultan
  • Notes: Feature film
  • 2017

Sosyetik Gelin - Gizem Karaca

Sosyetik Gelin
(Societal Bride)

  • Role: Ceren
  • Notes: TV movie
  • 2018

Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman - Gizem Karaca

Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman
(Hürkuş: The Hero in the Sky)

  • Role: Hadiye
  • Notes: Feature film
  • 2018

Bizim Semtin Çocukları  - Gizem Karaca

Bizim Semtin Çocukları
(The Children of Our Neighborhood)

  • Role: Gizem
  • Notes: Feature film
  • 2019

Elli Kelimelik Mektuplar - Gizem Karaca

Elli Kelimelik Mektuplar
(Fifty Words)

  • Role: Lawyer Güzide Guru
  • Notes: Feature film
  • 2021

Dayı: Bir Adamın Hikayesi - Gizem Karaca.webp

Dayı: Bir Adamın Hikayesi
(Uncle: Story of a Man)

  • Role: Hatice
  • Notes: Feature film
  • 2021


Eve Düşen Yıldırım - Gizem Karaca

Eve Düşen Yıldırım
(Lightning Falling into the House)

  • Role: Muazzez
  • Notes: Lead actress
  • Channel: Show TV
  • 2012

Adını Feriha Koydum - Gizem Karaca

Adını Feriha Koydum: Emir’in Yolu
(Feriha: The Path of Emir)

  • Role: Güneş Sancaktar
  • 2012

Benim Hala Umudum Var - Gizem Karaca

Benim Hala Umudum Var
(Umut Özden)

  • Rol: Umut Özden
  • Kanal: Star TV / FOX
  • 2013 – 2014

Güzel Köylü - Gizem Karaca

Güzel Köylü
(The Beautiful Villager)

  • Rol: Gül Sümbül
  • Kanal: Star TV
  • 2014 – 2015

İçimdeki Fırtına - Gizem Karaca

İçimdeki Fırtına
(The Storm Inside Me)

  • Rol: Deniz
  • Kanal: Star TV
  • 2017

İnsanlık Suçu - Gizem Karaca

İnsanlık Suçu
(Crime of Humanity)

  • Role: Suna Değirmenci
  • Notes: Lead actress
  • Channel: Kanal D
  • 2018

(The Champion)

  • Role: Elisa (Supporting actor)
  • Channel: TRT 1
  • 2020

safir - gizem karaca - Güneş


  • Role: Güneş
  • Channel: ATV
  • 2023

Web Series and Films:

  1. 2023 – Özür Dilerim (I’m Sorry)
    • Role: Merve
    • Notes: Lead actor
    • Platform: Disney+
  2. Trial Shooting (Deneme Çekimi)
    • Role: Ece (Guest actor)
    • Platform: BluTV
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