Gelin (Bride): Cast of the New Turkish Drama Series for Sunday Evenings

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Gelin (Bride): The New Turkish Drama Series Cast for Sunday Nights

Kanal 7, one of the famous television channels in Turkey known for its daily soap operas. It can be said that it’s almost the only channel in Turkey with a daily soap opera format. It is mostly known for its background dramas. We can also think of it as a place where newcomers to the acting industry do their internships.

A new series titled “Gelin” (Bride) is starting on Kanal 7. However, unlike its usual daily schedule, it will air every Sunday at 8:30 PM. Interestingly, on Sundays, FOX TV (now tv) also airs a series called “Kirli Sepeti.” However, given that Kanal 7’s format is somewhat different, it seems they won’t worry much about ratings. Their productions usually don’t engage in rating wars as they are low-budget. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are not significantly affected by negative ratings.


Plot of the “Gelin” series:

The series “Gelin” will focus on the story of Hançer, who finds himself in a different world than his dreams, and Cihan, who is overwhelmed by the weight of his last name, intertwined with lies and passions. The first episode of “Gelin” will air on February 11, 2024, at 8:30 PM.

Dark clouds loom over the mansion where the wealthy and noble Develioğlu family resides. The continuity of this established family’s lineage depends on the male child to be born to Cihan Develioğlu, but Cihan has been unable to have children due to his wife.

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Mukadder Develioğlu, who values ​​her family, traditions, and especially her future grandson, the sole inheritor of all their wealth, plays a ruthless game to ensure her son Cihan Develioğlu can have a son.

Going to Cihan’s wife Beyza with a dangerous proposal, Mukadder Develioğlu demands that Cihan divorce her. Mukadder Develioğlu, whose sole aim is to have a grandson, promises her son that he can remarry Beyza after having a child.

On the other side of the story, there is a young girl trying to survive in poverty, in the prime of her life. This young girl’s name is Hançer, named after her sharp gaze. Hançer faces a proposal that will turn her life upside down.

Taking advantage of Hançer’s poverty and her seemingly problem-free family, Mukadder Develioğlu proposes that she marry her son and give birth to a male child. Although Hançer dreams of finding her true love and having a happy marriage, she initially refuses the proposal. However, upon learning of her brother’s terminal illness, she is forced to accept the offer.

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For Cihan and Hançer, who embark on an irreversible path, nothing will ever be the same. Will these two young individuals, drawn into a grand scheme, fall under the spell of love, contrary to the planned games?

Cast of “Gelin”:

Gelin (Bride) cast:

Talya Çelebi

Hançer (Talya Çelebi)

Talya Çelebi, born in 2000, is 24 years old and does not have a well-known long-term acting history in films or television series. She will be appearing on screen for the first time as a lead actor in a series on Kanal 7.

The Role of Hançer Character:

Hançer, who wants to experience the happiness of being in love, finds himself suddenly carrying a surname he never knew, all for the sake of his loved ones’ well-being…

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Cenay Türksever

Cihan (Cenay Türksever)

Cenay Türksever is 34 years old. Born on May 13, 1990, in Bulgaria, she was placed third in the Idol of Models competition in 2012. She has appeared in productions such as ‘Beni Bırakma,’ ‘Sevdim Seni Bir Kere,’ and ‘Elif.’

The Role of Cihan Character:

Cihan, who believes there is no one on earth who will bring him true love, and thus, becoming a harsher person day by day…

Gelin-Turkish-Series-kanal7-cast-mukadder-Betigül Ceylan

Mukadder (Betigül Ceylan)

Betigül Ceylan, born on April 15, 1968, is a 56-year-old theater actress. She has also written gossip columns as a commentator. The actress, who is married to a dentist, has twin daughters who are studying Industrial Engineering and pursuing a doctorate.

Previously, she appeared in the following series: 2021 – Mevlana (Kiramana), 2018 – Şahin Tepesi (Rana), 2018 – Yasak Elma, 2012 – Kurt Kanunu (Keriman), and 2010 – Lale Devri (Fashion Designer Betül).

The Role of Mukadder Character:

Mukadder, the fearless mother-in-law who is willing to clash even with her own child to continue the Develioğlu surname…

Gelin-Turkish-Series-kanal7-cast-Beyza (Çisel Kuşkan)

Beyza (Çisel Kuşkan)

Çisel Kuşkan, 33 years old, is a theater actress born in 1991. She began working at the Istanbul State Theater in 2013.

The Role of Beyza Character:

Beyza, who is forced to leave her husband due to not having a child but is determined to regain her former position…

Gelin-Turkish-Series-kanal7-cast-plot-Sidal Damar-sinem

Sinem (Sidal Damar)

Sidal Damar, 32 years old, is a Turkish theater actress born in 1992 in Izmir. She completed her education in the Acting Department of Uludağ University Faculty of Fine Arts. She previously appeared in the series “Payitaht Abdülhamid” for three seasons as the character Zeynep. In 2019, she portrayed the character Kerime in the series “İncir Ağacı”. Most recently, in February 2024, she portrays the character Sinem in the series “Gelin,” which started airing on Kanal7.

The Role of Sinem Character:

Sinem, the wounded soul who overlooks everything for her daughter after her husband’s death and submits to every word of her mother-in-law…

Other cast members of the series “Gelin”:

  • Kutay Şahin
  • Ekrem Bozgül
  • Can Tarakçı
  • Ceren Yüksekkaya
  • Deniz Değirmenci
  • Yasemin Yeşilgöz
  • Günnur Adıgüzel
  • Elif Çapkın
  • Güneş Ebrar Özgül
  • Türker Kantar
  • Arif Nazım
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