Discover Adana: The Guide to Turkey’s 01-Plate City, Adana

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The title “Discover Adana: The Guide to Turkey’s 01-Plate City, Adana” aims to provide tourists with a comprehensive guide to explore this beautiful city. Here are the main headings that summarize this guide:

  • How to Get to Adana?
  • Where to Stay in Adana?
  • What to Eat in Adana?
  • What to Do in Adana?
  • The History and Culture of Adana
  • The Natural Beauties of Adana
  • Shopping Routes in Adana
  • Historical Places to Visit in Adana
  • Natural Wonders to Visit in Adana
  • Must-Buy Souvenirs in Adana

How to Get to Adana

Adana, one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, welcomes millions of tourists every year with its rich history, culture, and cuisine. For tourists wishing to visit Adana, there are several transportation options available.

Getting to Adana by Plane

The fastest way to reach Adana is by plane. Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. There are buses, taxis, and transfer services available for transportation from the airport to the city center.

Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Air Serbia, AnadoluJet, jetBlue, SunExpress, TAP Air Portugal, and Singapore Airlines operate non-stop flights to Adana.

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If you wish to travel to Adana from a country outside Turkey, you can check the current flight prices and layovers on the websites of popular airlines in your country. Keep in mind that there may not be direct flights to Adana from all countries.

Getting to Adana by Bus

There are bus services to Adana from many cities in Turkey. While bus travel may take longer than flying, it is a more economical option for those who prefer traveling by road. It’s important to note that bus travel is typically limited to within Turkey.

For those unable to find direct flights to Adana from abroad, they often first fly to cities like Izmir, Istanbul, or Ankara and then choose to travel to Adana by bus. However, it’s essential to remember that traveling by road from these cities to Adana can take at least 7 hours.

Getting to Adana by Train

Adana’ya tren ile ulaşım, diğer ulaşım seçeneklerine göre daha az yaygındır. Ancak, Ankara ve İstanbul’dan Adana’ya tren seferleri düzenlenmektedir. Bu genellikle turistlerin tercih ettiği bir ulaşım yöntemi değildir.

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Getting to Adana by Car

Adana can be reached by road from all regions of Turkey. If you prefer traveling to Adana by car, the roads are mostly of good quality, providing comfortable transportation.

It’s recommended to use a fuel calculation application before your journey, as fuel prices in Turkey are relatively high as of October 5, 2023. This will help you calculate the fuel costs based on the distance you plan to travel by car.

Transportation Prices to Adana

Transportation prices to Adana vary depending on the mode of transportation and the distance. Traveling to Adana by plane is the most expensive option, while bus travel is more frequent and widespread, but it is limited to within Turkey. Traveling to Adana by car can be the most flexible and economical choice.

Where to Stay in Adana

Tourists visiting Adana have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from.

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In Adana, there are accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. These options include hotels, guesthouses, apartments, and campgrounds.


Adana offers hotels in every star category. Many hotels are located in the city center and tourist areas. The prices of 4 and 5-star hotels in Adana are generally on the higher side.

Guesthouses and Apartments

In Adana, you can find many guesthouses and apartments both in the city center and tourist areas. Guesthouses are often more budget-friendly compared to hotels, while apartments can be ideal for larger families.


Adana has campgrounds in locations like Seyhan River and Kızkalesi. Campgrounds are ideal for those who want to be close to nature. If you don’t have much experience with camping, it’s recommended to visit campgrounds during the summer season.

Accommodation Prices in Adana

Accommodation prices in Adana vary depending on the type of accommodation, location, and seasonal factors. Generally, accommodation prices are higher in the city center and tourist areas. However, if you have a car, you can opt for apartments located further from tourist areas, which can be a more cost-effective option when traveling with a larger group.

What to Eat in Adana

When you think of Adana, the first food that comes to mind is Adana Kebab. Besides Adana Kebab, dishes like liver kebab, turnip juice, içli köfte (stuffed bulgur meatballs), şırdan, and mumbar are among Adana’s most famous flavors.

Adana Kebab: Adana Kebab is the most famous dish in Adana. It is made from lamb meat and prepared by grilling finely minced meat on skewers.

Liver Kebab: Liver Kebab is another famous dish in Adana, made from lamb liver and grilled on skewers.

Turnip Juice: Turnip juice is one of Adana’s famous beverages. It is made from turnip, water, vinegar, coriander, and salt.

İçli Köfte: İçli Köfte is a traditional dish in Adana. It consists of a mixture of bulgur, ground meat, onions, tomato paste, spices, and walnuts, wrapped in spinach leaves and then boiled.

Şırdan: Şırdan is one of Adana’s most interesting dishes. It is made by cleaning the stomach of a lamb or goat, filling it with a mixture of bulgur, onions, garlic, tomato paste, spices, and tail fat, and then boiling it.

Mumbar: Mumbar is another unique dish in Adana. It is made by cleaning the intestines of a lamb or goat, filling them with a mixture of bulgur, onions, garlic, tomato paste, spices, and tail fat, and then boiling them.

Where to Eat in Adana

In Adana, there are many restaurants where you can taste the delicious dishes of Adana cuisine. You can find kebab restaurants, liver kebab places, içli köfte shops, and more. To find Adana’s authentic dishes more easily, you can try smaller, boutique establishments that offer street flavors instead of upscale restaurants.

Things to Do in Adana

There are various activities to enjoy in Adana, including exploring historical sites, discovering natural beauty spots, tasting delicious cuisine, and shopping. What you can do in Adana depends on the amount of time you have. If you have limited time, visiting Adana’s prominent attractions and sampling local cuisine can be a great start.

Exploring Historical Sites:

Adana boasts a rich history with traces of civilizations such as the Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Some of the historical sites you can visit in Adana include Adana Castle, Adana Grand Mosque, Stone Bridge, Adana Archaeology Museum, and Bebekli Church.

Adana Castle

Adana Castle, originally built in ancient times, but only its walls’ remnants have survived to the present day. These ruins, located in the Tepebağ district, are being examined by experts to redraw the ancient boundaries of Adana Castle.

In 781 AD, during the Abbasid era, this structure was transformed into a grand castle, defining the boundaries of Adana. According to the description by Evliya Çelebi, the castle had four corners and seven towers, making it of significant historical importance.

Unfortunately, it was demolished during an uprising in the Ottoman period and has not been repaired since 1836. Today, you can visit only the remnants of the walls, making Adana Castle an excellent starting point for exploring.

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Adana Grand Mosque (Adana Ulu Camii)

Ramazanoğulları Mosque, also known as Adana Grand Mosque, is a historic mosque dating back to the 16th century, located in Adana. It is considered a masterpiece of the Ramazanoğulları Principality and one of the city’s most significant historical landmarks. It retained its status as the largest mosque in Adana until the opening of the Sabancı Central Mosque in 1998.

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Stone Bridge in Adana

The Stone Bridge, spanning the Seyhan River in the city center of Adana, connects the Adana (Seyhan) and Karşıyaka (Yüreğir) districts. This bridge, considered a symbol of Adana, is an ancient Roman-era structure.

It is believed that the Stone Bridge was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and underwent significant repairs during the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian I. The bridge originally had 21 arches but now serves with 14 arches due to seven arches being submerged during the rehabilitation of the Seyhan River.

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Adana Archaeology Museum

Established in 1924, the Adana Archaeology Museum is one of Turkey’s first museums and ranks among the country’s ten oldest museums. Since 2017, the museum has been housed in a complex at the Millî Mensucat Factory.

The museum consists of eight halls that narrate the history of humanity from the Prehistoric era to the present day, enriched with informational texts, visuals, dioramas, and reconstructions.

Notable artifacts on display include a stone statue of the Hittite Storm God Tarhunda, a stele with Anatolian hieroglyphs, a Babylonian stele, a marble Anthropoid Sarcophagus from the Roman era, and the Akhilleus Sarcophagus. For those interested in exploring Adana’s rich archaeological heritage, the museum is an intriguing destination.

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Natural Beauties of Adana

Adana is renowned for its natural beauty spots. You can explore natural wonders such as the Seyhan River, Seyhan Dam Lake, Kızkalesi, Yumurtalık Beach, and Kapıkaya Canyon in Adana.

Seyhan River in Adana

The Seyhan River is a significant river in Turkey that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. With a length of 560 kilometers, it covers a basin area of 20,600 square kilometers. It is fed by two main tributaries: the Zamantı River originating from Uzun Yayla and the Göksu River sourced from the slopes of Akinek Mountain.

The Seyhan River forms the boundaries of Adana and flows into the Mediterranean Sea at Deli Burnu. Several hydroelectric power plants, including Yedigöze, Çatalan, and Seyhan, are located on the Seyhan River. Additionally, the river plays a crucial role in agricultural irrigation, particularly in providing the necessary water for cotton production.

Yumurtalık Beach in Adana

Yumurtalık is a district of Adana, formerly known as Ayas. It was renamed Yumurtalık as part of the Turkish language reform.

Kapıkaya Canyon in Adana

Kapıkaya Canyon is located in the village of Kapıkaya in the Karaisalı district of Adana. The canyon was carved by the Çakıt Stream, a tributary of the Seyhan River. The Çakıt Stream, the western branch of the Seyhan River, extends into mountainous areas from the Pozantı Gorge. The canyon is situated 2 kilometers away from the Varda Bridge.

Shopping in Adana

Adana is an excellent city for shopping, with various options like markets, shopping malls, and local markets.

Adana Kazancılar Market

One visitor left the following comment about the Kazancılar Market: “I can give plenty of reasons to visit this place – on Sundays, there are bird sellers, liver on a hot plate in the mornings, rakı kebap entertainment in the evenings, shops for those who love copper and antique items, nargile sellers, fishing equipment sellers, and a historical location with a wonderful atmosphere. It is particularly beautiful at night. Additionally, every year, the center of World Raki Day celebrations is held in this area. It is a must-visit place in Adana.”

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