A 32-Hour Dreamlike Journey by Train: The Touristic Eastern Express

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When it comes to tourist travel in Turkey, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Touristic Eastern Express.

An incredible journey from the capital, Ankara, to Kars, the Eastern Express has become increasingly popular in recent years and is considered by some to be one of Turkey’s, and even the world’s, most beautiful railway routes. Some even liken it to Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway. The Eastern Express covers the 1,300-kilometer railway from Ankara to Kars in approximately 32 hours, assuming no mishaps occur. The train passes through the Anatolian plains, across the plateaus of the Euphrates, and eventually arrives in Kars, which is covered in snow near the Georgian and Armenian borders. The reason for the high demand for this journey is not only its unforgettable landscapes.

“Don’t let the 32-hour long journey intimidate you; you’ll feel like you’re in your own room, and you won’t even realize how it ends. 😊”

The Eastern Express journey is captivating in every season, but it can be particularly enchanting during the winter months. Snow-covered landscapes passing by your window will mesmerize you.

Many people choose to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries during this journey.

Train Facilities

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For a comfortable stay during the journey, there is an option for beds. In the train’s restaurant cars, you can savor the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. Moreover, through guided tours, you will have the opportunity to observe the historical and natural beauty of Eastern Anatolia up close.

Some passengers bring their own food and drinks, while others enjoy the menu in the dining car. The dining car can serve around fifty passengers.

The restaurant doesn’t have specific opening or closing hours. Passengers can enjoy food and drinks from breakfast to hot soups at any hour.

The Route of the Touristic Eastern Express

The route of the Touristic Eastern Express is quite impressive. It starts from Ankara and passes through Kırıkkale, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum, and finally arrives in Kars. These stops offer magnificent views and unique experiences.

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Duration of the Touristic Eastern Express Journey

The Touristic Eastern Express travels at a rather slow pace compared to high-speed trains. Its average speed is approximately 80-90 km/h, making the journey quite long. The trip from Ankara to Kars takes around 32 hours. However, the time flies by as you create unforgettable memories.

When Do the Touristic Eastern Express Journeys Begin?
Touristic Eastern Express tours are organized every year and typically start in the winter months. The starting date of the journeys may vary from year to year, but they generally begin in December and continue until March.

What Are the Ticket Prices for the Touristic Eastern Express?

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Due to high demand, it is necessary to make ticket reservations months in advance.

You can purchase Touristic Eastern Express train tickets through TCDD‘s online ticket system. You can also find information about the current prices.

Alternatively, you can join Touristic Eastern Express journeys with tour companies. Journeys organized by tour companies may offer additional advantages, such as accommodation and guided tours of Kars.”

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